Introverts aren’t shy.

They are also people who need to go inward to recharge before they can step into their bigness. 

The Ambitious Introvert® believes introversion is not about traits, but energetic needs.

And when a high-achieving introvert can manage their energy and work with their introversion– they can amplify their impact (and even outperform the extroverts ;)) 

They’re high-powered. Ambitious. And confident. They are smart. Empathetic. Capable. And creative.

Introversion is power.
 Here’s the proof.

“I feel a sense of clarity, focus, and peace of mind knowing that I'm on the right track versus chasing a million shiny objects.” 

“Before working together, I was booked out with clients but was hustling too much to keep up with everything. I wanted a coach to help me pause, gain clarity, and move in the next best direction for my business so that I could also have the time freedom I craved. I love that I can be myself with Emma-Louise – completely open and honest about what's working for me and what I'm struggling with. I know that while she'll nudge me out of my comfort zone, she'll never force me to do something that doesn't feel right for me and my business.”

— Nicole Kepic

When you own your social battery, you can manage your energy.

It is only then that you can stop thinking that climbing higher in your career or business means feeling lower.

You get to have it all without feeling the need to change who you are.

Hi, I’m Emma-Louise

One mistake. Planes crash. 

I did the most stressful job in the world for 17 years. An air traffic controller in the London TMA– some of the most complex airspace in the world. Only 1 in 1000 applicants qualify. In that job, I learnt to cultivate wild amounts of emotional regulation and resilience. 

I’m also an INFJ. An action-taker who started my own business as a coach just shy of my 40th birthday without prior experience. A bit of a traditional path rebel.

I tell you this because I know what it’s like to walk through everything hitting you at once. Whether you’re a high-powered executive or business owner, you know what immense stress feels like. You know how 100,000 opinions sit in your stomach. You know the exhaustion that comes with having to make a decision every second. Me too. 

Add that onto being an introvert, I knew I couldn’t just ‘do what other people are doing’ to be successful. My battery would be in the red in a week. But I didn’t look like an introvert. My podcast is approaching 100,000 downloads. I can confidently crack a joke at a party. And I’m not afraid to show up and be a strong coach. Not exactly the in the corner of the library version of an introvert that you see in the media. 

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But when you look at the definition of introversion, all it means is that you need to direct your energy inward to recharge.

Now, I have 15+ years of coaching, facilitating, and instructing in high pressure + high achieving environments around the world.

I’m twice certified as a coach and accredited in NLP and Energy Psychology. My Clifton Strengths are Strategic, Maximiser, Intellection, Ideation, and Input.

I’ve led over 500+ start-up founders, online entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, ambitious corporate teams, tech industry workers, and doctors through The Ambitious Introvert® programs to encourage them to lean into their introversion. 

Because when you say a big ‘hell yes’ to who you are, that’s when you can increase your productivity, get clear on your goals, own your social battery, manage your energy, and be successful and fulfilled. 

Your comfort zone is keeping you drained. 

Dare to go all in on who you are and what you need.

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Decide that high-powered doesn’t mean low energy

Energy is finite. Energy is power. Put yours towards what matters and watch your battery overflow with purpose, intention, and drive.

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