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Watch what happens when introverts stop trying to be extroverts...

When they fully lean into what it means to be introverted. 

When they start managing their energy instead of depleting it. 

When they reclaim their social battery and keep it in the green. 

When they work with their introversion, not against it.

They’ll play bigger. They’ll lean into their gifts. They’ll be quick to innovate. They’ll outperform their extrovert counterparts.

And most importantly, they’ll do all of that while feeling fulfilled in their business or career. 

Going Within to Unlock
More Power

Ever wonder what introversion really is? Hint: it’s not being quiet, shy, and scared with a book in hand. For both introverts and extroverts, this session uncovers the power of introversion by separating fact from fiction. The result is knowing yourself or the ambitious introverts on your team to create an environment where everyone can be successful, regardless of how they gain energy.

Potential Keynotes and Workshops

Be Your Introverted Team’s Best Advocate: A Workshop for Senior Leaders 

As a senior leader, you have a wide variety of people reporting to you. Odds are, a strong percentage of them identify as introverts. Once you understand how an introvert performs best, you can support and empower them– leading to better business results. This way, team productivity is not a mystery but a given, with everyone managing their energy and bringing their best to the table. 

All talks and workshops can be customized to your organization’s needs

Topics Include:

- Energy Management 
- Defining Introversion 
- The Mindset of Introverts 
- Productivity 
- Owning Your Energetic Needs 
- Introvert Leadership 
- Self Confidence + Self Leadership 
- Going Inward to Go Farther

What bringing Emma-Louise into the room does :

"Emma-Louise gave a highly value packed and interactive training to my clients. She’s easy to work with, enthusiastic, professional and very knowledgeable - I highly recommend her"

Ruth Kudzi - Founder, Optimus Coach Academy

"She has a unique ability to break down topics that can feel heavy or complicated (especially to the introverted mind) and make them palatable. With just enough tongue-in-cheek without being cheeky, your audience will be both entertained and educated in a way that feels warm and natural"

Kendall Cherry - Founder, The Candid Collective®

"There’s a reason I’ve had Emma-Louise on my podcast three times - her insights are always thoughtful and the conversation flows effortlessly.You can bet I’ll be asking her back again to share her wisdom with my listeners!"

Jordan Schanda King - CEO, Easy Scaling

Meet Emma-Louise

A former air traffic controller turned coach, Emma-Louise knows what it’s like to regulate emotions and bounce back in an immensely stressful position. She self-identifies as an introvert, while simultaneously breaking the mould of what an introvert ‘looks like.’ 

Bringing energy, empathy, focused questions, and an unwavering belief in the power of quiet, Emma-Louise has worked with over 500+ clients and touched the lives of over 80,000 people through her podcast. 

In her world, introversion is not a mark of shyness or fear. It’s a clue into how someone recharges their energy. And by showing Ambitious Introverts how to manage theirs, she’s able to consistently and drastically transform how much they're able to achieve in their business or careers.

Book Emma-Louise

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