Competition is good for us

March 19, 2021

A little bit of competition is good for us

My cat turns 13 next month, & for most of her life other neighbourhood cats have enjoyed the odd bowl of food or cat treat in my garden (like, most days – I’m a feeder)

I asked the vet about this once, concerned this infringement on her territory might be overly stressful

His response?

“Oh no it’s good for her – the competition mimics ‘the wild’ & what would be her natural surroundings. It keeps her on her toes & keeps her young”

He has a point – she still gets mistaken for a kitten

This got me thinking – most of my introverted & sensitive clients complain the online space is ‘competitive’, but can that actually be a good thing?

I think so! Remember…

Competition causes us to raise our game, be our best – this means only good things for our clients & customers (& the integrity of the online space as a whole over time)

It can feel like EVERYONE is in the online coaching/support industry, but in fact the amount of people doing this kind of work worldwide is TINY! The algorithm puts us into a little ‘bubble’ at times, but remember the percentage of people doing what you do in the population of the world is low. Very very very low.

Competition can stem from comparing – avoid watching what others are doing, & build your business on your terms, focussed on your own strengths & uniqueness (personally this is where I believe 1:1 coaching comes into its own for introverts & sensitives)

Reframing the competitive nature of the space is key to feeling good about owning your place in it!