Niche down

February 16, 2021

It took me almost 18 months to niche down…

The resistance was real.

I’d come from an offline life coaching background where I’d coached all sorts of people through all sorts of things (weight loss, debt reduction, adoption, promotion, quitting their job to travel the world, to name but a few)

Why on earth would I want to put myself in a box by narrowing what I offered down to just one thing or just one type of person?!

The answer presented itself by my crippling lack of business growth online

While niching felt hugely uncomfortable to me, I had done enough research, read enough books & spent enough time understanding marketing to know that I had to do it if I wanted my business to grow

So I did what felt like chopping most of my limbs off & went all in…

What happened was:

I quadrupled my audience

I started making money consistently every month

I got approached to be a guest on podcasts, write for publications & collaborate with other business owners

Content creation went from being torture & taking forever to having ideas flowing out of me

People refer clients to me as they see me as the ‘go-to person’ or ‘first person they thought of’ for introverts

My audience message me daily saying ‘I feel so understood’, ‘How can I work with you?’ & ‘I love your latest post, it’s like you’re inside my head’

I thought niching would restrict me, but in fact it’s allowed me more expansion than ever

And the best part? Even though I don’t offer them as services & discuss them in my marketing I STILL get to help people in so many ways through my 1:1 package. Niching opens the door a crack, but once people are inside they still have access to the entire house 😊