Brand Perception (& why it matters)

January 25, 2021

I’m joined by Brand Strategy & Business Coach Hilary Hartling. With 15+ years experience working in the movie and entertainment industry with powerhouse global brands (Disney, Marvel, Pixar & Dreamworks to name a few), Hilary learned how to captivate audiences through the use of compelling content and authentic storytelling. Now she uses this knowledge to help entrepreneurs and online business owners create clear, cohesive, and compelling brands

Hillary shares:

  • What brand strategy is and why it’s important
  • Brand perception (how customers perceive your business and the impression your give)
  • A simple exercise to help you understand your brand perception that can lead to attracting more clients
  • How to create your brand superpower in one clear statement
  • Getting clear on who you’re serving and how to reach them
  • The mirror test
  • How she teaches clients to find their core message and articulate their why to build a clear and cohesive brand

From movie marketer to brand boss, Hilary specializes in working with brands of all sizes to add meaning, value and heart to their vision and message. Hilary’s an immersive brand strategist, online educator and consultant that helps reveal what your brand is really about so you can connect authentically with your audience and watch your business thrive. 

Hilary’s Book Recommendation for the Ambitious Introvert: 

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Find Your Why by Simon Sinek

Connect With Hilary: