Coaches as competition

March 16, 2021

Why I don’t see other ‘introvert’ coaches as competition…

I used to get triggered if I saw others doing the same thing as me online

I’d have a barrage of thoughts run through my mind at once – it’s already been done, I need to be different, they’ve been around longer than me, they have more followers, no one will hire me over them, blah blah blah

That changed completely when I niched down into my Zone of Genius – supporting introverts & sensitive entrepreneurs. When you know you’re expert at what you do & are confident in the transformation you bring, comparisonitis fades away

In fact someone asked the other day if I minded that other coaches use my Facebook Group to promote their services for introverts. My answer?

Not at all!!

What I’ve realised is that there’s space for us all – online business is BOOMING & projected to grow exponentially over the next decade

And no one else is me – no one has exactly the same energy, same experiences & same coaching tool kit. No one else can every replicate your ‘you-ness’, & remember, people buy people

So I embrace those doing similar to me – they’re helping those I care about, they’re empowering introverts & sensitives, & they make for really great collaboration partners, podcast guests & business besties!