Consistent visibility

December 15, 2020

I didn’t have a clue how to strategize consistent visibility

I was on the posting roller coaster (show up daily for a week, crawl under a rock for a month)

Despite all the courses, freebies & books out there about it, most of which I’d devoured, I STILL couldn’t implement what I knew I needed to

You know that feeling of not even starting something because it feels SO big & overwhelming & impossible?

That was me with consistent visibility (head in sand)

Introvert overwhelm through & through

As much as everyone’s journey is different, here are a few things I learnt that will help if you feel the same…

1 – Begin. Just start – the first time of anything is the hardest & most uncomfortable, but know that it will feel more natural each time

2 – Small commitments for the win – I have a client who commits to posting once a week because she KNOWS she can do that. Does she want to post more often in the future? Absolutely. But for now she knows she can do that single post without fail, giving her the habit of creating weekly & the confidence in keeping her commitment

3 – Consider your mindset – My favourite quote is from Derek Sivers: “If more information was the answer then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs” So if you know what’s required to get visible & you’re still not doing it, take an honest look at your thoughts & feelings around being visible (note – this was the key to nailing my own consistent visibility!)

Consistent visibility = consistent clients

Need support on your visibility journey? I’ve got you – hop on a call here & let’s see how I can help you get from invisible to in-sight without exhausting yourself in the process!