Creating your Perfect Environment as an HSP with Kristy Vail

August 1, 2022

How much consideration do you give to your working environment as an HSP and introvert?

In this episode I’m speaking with my lovely friend Kristy Vail, a Certified Life Coach. For the last 3+ years she’s been helping sensitive and introverted individuals work through confidence-related challenges that impact their well-being.

In addition to coaching, Kristy has over a decade of experience in the interior design industry – she still offers consultations and loves helping people develop intentional design solutions that elevate the function, aesthetic and overall feel of their homes (and soothe their nervous system!)

We cover:

  • What impact a specific room can have on us as introverts and highly sensitive people
  • How you can make sure your home is the best environment possible for your nervous system
  • Why deciding how you want to feel in your home or work environment is the first step
  • Using Pinterest strategically as a search engine to find interior design ideas
  • The most likely issue that needs solving if you feel overwhelmed in your environment
  • Why it’s essential to allow yourself to accept that you experience things a little bit differently



Kristy’s book recommendation Cues by Vanessa Van Edwards

Connect with Kristy


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