Embracing your Natural Sensitivity with Jessi Michel Agadoni

December 19, 2022

We’ve been speaking A LOT about mindset and business strategy recently on the show, so I’m delighted to change the focus slightly this week to a more physical aspect of sensitivity. Today I’m joined by Jessi Michel Agadoni, who specialises in helping natural sensitives create authentic calm in their bodies – helping them cultivate the grounded, sustainable energy they uniquely need to do powerful work.

Jessi’s journey from misunderstood child to owning her own natural and developed sensitivities has led her to supporting her clients to live in a way that honours their trait, rather than work against it.

We talk about:

  • Why Jessi decided to use the term ‘natural sensitive’ instead of ‘highly sensitive’
  • Why natural sensitives need to live a little differently in order to be healthy and successful in business
  • The difference between natural sensitivities and developed sensitivities (and why the distinction matters)
  • The importance of understanding how you experience emotional trauma, so you can heal your developed, physical sensitivity
  • Why you can dial up or down your sensitivity (and why that can be your superpower)
  • Learning how to come back into your body and have the courage to own what you need to honour your natural sensitivity


Jessi’s book recommendation: The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté


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