Facing Fear and Making Big Moves with Ewelina Olechowska

November 20, 2023

Taking big action can feel terrifying, and going against the status quo can bring up some very human fears such as being rejected by the tribe. But as we all know, it’s those leap of faith moments of bravery that lead us to the amazing life experiences on the other side.

On The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast this week I’m chatting with Ewelina Olechowska, founder of Studio Domka, about the big moves she’s made to create her current life – and it all began with questioning what she wanted and what was actually available to her.

We cover:

  • Why leaning in and trusting your intuition is so important
  • How to move through the fear that you’ll upset others by following your dreams
  • How surrounding yourself with others like you can support and speed up the journey
  • The type of personal development work both Ewelina and I love (and have both seen massive results from)

Episode Resources – To Be Magnetic (use code EMMALOUISE for 15% off)


Website: https://studiodomka.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studiodomka/


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