Help, I’m Overwhelmed with Woody Rini

October 10, 2022

This week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast will hit home with so many of you, because it’s based on a word that comes up with every single client I work with.

It’s appeared on every single application I’ve ever had to work with me, and it’s one that I use myself a lot, and that is – overwhelm.

So I can’t think of anyone better to speak to than Life Coach and Author Woody Rini. 

Woody is a life coach who specialises in getting people the helpful resources they need to live a meaningful and peaceful life. Woody has spent six years exploring how to get help with their personal challenges: Making therapy appointments, hiring life coaches, and reading every self-help book they could find. 

As a result of their research, Woody learned that the key to a peaceful and meaningful life was simple: Get more help from others! Woody now coaches clients on how to engage their support systems and ask for help when they need it.


  • What led Woody to shift careers, start their own life coaching business and write their book 
  • Why it can be difficult for highly sensitive people to reach out and ask for help
  • How to manage the overwhelm in your life and business with tangible steps 
  • Why support is your key to freeing yourself from the overwhelm you are experiencing 
  • Ways you can scale your business without experiencing overwhelm 

*During the time of recording this episode, Woody used he/him pronouns. Woody now uses they/them pronouns, which is reflected in this episode’s description*




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Woody Rini’s book recommendations:

Outwitting the Devil: The Complete Text from Napoleon Hill’s Original Manuscript

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