Inner Brilliance: Leveraging Your Unique Strengths for Success with Marjan Mahoutchian

January 15, 2024

Discovering and understanding your strengths is a pivotal step toward unlocking your full potential. In a world that often emphasises overcoming weaknesses, recognising and harnessing your innate talents helps you to truly ‘Own Your Energy’ as an introvert when it comes to creating your version of success. And in a competitive landscape, where leveraging your strengths is the key differentiator, it can have a massive impact on your career, business and life.

My talented friend Marjan Mahoutchian wears many hats – including Independent Global Leadership Team Advisor, an ICF accredited coach and Business Transformation Specialist. But for this episode of The Ambitious Introvert Podcast she’s sharing her expertise as a certified Gallup® coach – which you may be familiar with as CliftonStrengths®

Tune in to hear us talk about:

  • How knowing and leaning into your strengths can have a positive impact on your wellbeing as well as your business or career
  • How CliftonStrengths® compares to more spiritual ways of understanding ourselves, such as human design (and how it can complement them beautifully)
  • Why cultivating the right conditions for ourselves to thrive is similar to baking a cake!

Bonus – you’ll get a good laugh at me using the wrong terminology too!



Learn more about CliftonStrengths®:





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