Instagram for Introverts

December 21, 2020

Today I’m chatting with the lovely Ashley Vincent aka the Earthy Tinkerbell on all things Instagram Marketing – but not the sleazy spammy stuff! Ashley is an Intuitive Business Mentor and helps heart-centered entrepreneurs by increasing their cash flow and time-freedom through mastering genuine (key word) engagement.

Ashley & I discuss:

  • How Ashley began her heart-centered business
  • The foundational skills of promoting your business and skills via Instagram
  • Cold DM’ing (yuck!)
  • Vanity metrics and looking beyond the surface of numbers
  • Strategy vs. scrolling
  • Why you shouldn’t be thinking of Instagram as a chore if you’re using it for business purposes
  • How long Ashley spends per day on Instagram (for engagement and posting)
  • Becoming intentional in using Instagram and social marketing platforms

Ashley teaches her clients how to get placed on the discover page, get content seen by a higher percentage of your audience, get a surge of IDEAL clients sliding into your DM’s, and see steady organic growth – in a feel good way. 

Ashley’s Book Recommendation for the Ambitious Introvert: 

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

Connect With Ashley:


Heart Centered Engagement Course