Mindset, Manifestation and Toxic Spirituality

November 28, 2022

This week on The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast I’m addressing a topic that I’ve seen become pretty toxic in some circles online – the spiritual messages we see around creating a positive mindset, particularly related to manifestation.

I’ve been practicing manifestation knowingly for 13 years, but had actually been doing it without realising for a lot longer! I 100% believe that your mindset is an extraordinarily powerful factor in your success as a business owner, but some of the ‘high vibes only’ messaging we see online can make you feel like you’re doing it ‘wrong’ (you’re not, by the way).

In this episode I’m explaining how you can cultivate a positive mindset without the pressure to feel great 100% of the time.

Tune in to listen to:

  • Why manifestation is a lot more nuanced than just being ’high vibe’
  • Why it’s not actually possible to think positive thoughts 100% of the time (and why you’re not wrong for having a few negative ones!)
  • The type of healthy mindset I encourage my clients to adopt
  • How to address negative thoughts (and what to do after you’ve done that)
  • What metacognition means in the context of cultivating a positive mindset
  • The 3 things I always encourage my clients to do when they’re feeling more negative than positive


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