Overnight success

March 2, 2021

I don’t have a massive overnight success story to share

I didn’t struggle for years then hit on the ‘secret’ of success (or have it to ‘sell’ to you)

I’ve never had a 6 figure launch, lived in Bali or joined a mastermind group full of the cool kids

I didn’t come online & decide to start a coaching business because I saw I could make 6 figures…

In fact I left my 6 figure salary (+ benefits) to become a coach online, after coaching offline for so many years

Because I wanted to work part time

I wanted a different lifestyle

And because coaching is in my blood

It’s easy to look around & think you’re somehow failing when you’re not doing what everyone else is…

But once you reconnect to why you started, what your Zone of Genius is & how you want your life to be, it becomes a lot easier to stay focused on your own success!