The myth of a laptop and wifi

March 4, 2021

The myth of ‘you just need a laptop & wifi to run an online business’

For some reason, people treat online business differently to offline ones

They think certain things aren’t necessary or some rules don’t apply
But honestly… business is business is business

There will always be…

-Investments to make

-Business & marketing plans to createMarket research to carry out

-Software & systems to pay for

-Teams to hire

-Ongoing learning & development



It’s easy to get caught up in the big figures being banded around online if you’re newer in the onlines space, but remember that no one is walking away from their £10k month with £10k in their pocket as a salary (I recently read about someone who had a $10k that cost $12k to achieve – go figure)

So while it’s completely possible to grow a successful, profitable business online remember there will ALWAYS be operating costs to factor in too!