Public Speaking for Introverts with Marielle Legair

October 11, 2021

Can you imagine success in public speaking, even as an introvert? On today’s podcast episode Marielle Legair, keynote speaker and trainer, is joining me to share her story with paid public speaking. She has an enormous amount of experience, making her deeply qualified to share her tips for fellow introverts who are looking to increase their PR. You’ll also hear a bit on the power of visualisation and why she also loves LinkedIn.

Marielle and I discuss:

  • How Marielle got started with paid public speaking and her tips for introverts who have to speak publicly 
  • Marielle’s tips for getting started with PR and really knowing your story
  • The power of visualisation and how it can help your dreams to manifest themselves
  • How being introverted has helped Marielle in her business
  • Why multitasking is a lose-lose for introverts
  • The success that Marielle has seen with LinkedIn and why she recommends it for fellow introverts 

Marielle helps ambitious women become known for what they do, you can find out how you can work with her here.

Marielle’s book recommendation for the Ambitious Introvert:

The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker


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[00:00:00] Emma-Louise: Hi guys, welcome to this week’s episode of the ambitious introvert podcast with me, Emma Louise. And I’m thrilled to be interviewing a friend of mine today who has so much knowledge and wisdom about public relations, publicity and grown your brand, and is also. Just about, we think an introvert on the Myers-Briggs, she was around the middle, we were just discussing.

Um, but she’s definitely related to some of the more introvert tendencies, um, and to boot she’s an epic public speaker. So I can’t think of anyone better to tell us a little bit more about venturing into this world of publicity, then the beautiful Marielle. Hello. 

[00:00:43] Marielle: Hi, am a Louise. Thank you for that warm intro, you know.

Who is she talking about? 

[00:00:50] Emma-Louise: Talking about me? Well, I’m, now I’m thrilled to have you here. Um, please introduce yourself to my audience and tell them a little bit about you and your business. 

[00:00:59] Marielle: Sure. So my name is Maria and I wear a few hats. I’m a publicist personal branding, strategist, international speaker and author.

But I often say that my superpower is helping ambitious women become better known for what they do. So that, that takes a number of forms. 

[00:01:18] Emma-Louise: And I left the year a little bit multi-passionate because I think sometimes we will try to shoehorn ourself into this box. We were just discussing this before we hit record.

Um, and yeah, businesses do evolve and our skills evolve and things change, but actually you can be quite. Helping people with two or three different things, right? 

[00:01:37] Marielle: Yeah. And I feel like what I do very much all kind of is aligned to visibility. Right. It kind of just comes out in different ways, whether that’s getting someone in the media or helping them build their profile on LinkedIn or helping them get paid for speaking gigs, it’s all really falls on that visibility thing.

[00:01:56] Emma-Louise: So, how did you come to end up being paid for speaking gigs? Let’s start there because I think that was one of the things that, you know, that gives so much credibility in that people look and go, wow. You know, I can’t ever imagine being hired as a speaker. 

[00:02:09] Marielle: Yeah, well, how did I get started? Uh, that’s it, we’ve got right in at the defense, you know, I’ve been in my industry for like 15 years, you know, so I’ve kind of earned those stripes whereby I’ve just got something to say.

You know, I spent a lot of time working in corporate in London and then New York, and then moved back to London. And, um, I’ve just kind of dabbled in a few things, which kind of just adds to my repertoire if you like. It just means that I’ve got a lot to talk about. And, um, I feel like now, especially with everybody online, The there’s opportunities everywhere.

You know, I very much see myself as a, you know, somebody operating in a global environment. So it just means that there’s, um, there’s always somebody that needs to hear or how to build their brand or become more visible online or whatever it is. Um, so, so yeah, I would kind of say it’s just from experience wasn’t anything.

[00:03:09] Emma-Louise: I read a quote the other day that was very similar to. It was along the lines of this, always someone that needs to hear what you’re about. 

[00:03:17] Marielle: Yes. And it’s so true. So 

[00:03:20] Emma-Louise: I love that you brought that up. So in terms of the public speaking, then I should say, you’ve earned your stripes. You know, you’ve got things to say, people are interested.

What’s the largest audience that you’ve spoken to. 

[00:03:31] Marielle: So the largest audience, that’s a great question. I would say a couple of thousand, perhaps. Um, and I’ve spoken at quite a few. I’ve done quite a lot of corporate stuff. So I’ve spoken at Yale and some young red bull Microsoft. Um, yeah, quite a lot of like intimate audiences, but I would say probably.

Uh, a conference. I also spoke at a conference in Miami, which was a women’s conference. And that was, that was a very large audience. But by then, thankfully I had already been doing a lot of public speaking, so I wasn’t as nervous as I am, as I used to be. 

[00:04:09] Emma-Louise: Did you do that when you first started off at, you got the whole lake sweaty palms and what if I forget what I’m going to say?


[00:04:16] Marielle: yeah. Yeah. Like massive. Like, like I said, you know, I am, I am very much an introvert, even though I kind of oscillate between ambivert and introvert. I would definitely Sam, I am by default an introvert. So it’s taken me a long time to feel really comfortable talking to large audiences. But for me, the trick has been to focus less on myself because I think often I would be so consumed with what are people going to think of me and.

People are going to look at me and things like, well, actually, no, that they’re not, they’re more concerned with my message. And when I finally started to recognize that, actually they’re more concerned with how I can help them. That was a real game changer for me. So that really helped to ease my nerves.

If you like. So, 

[00:05:03] Emma-Louise: you know, one of the things we’ve discussed in the past is that if you’re at an event and you’re speaking, you know, you’re absolutely fine with that, but then maybe backstage or, you know, off to the side, you maybe just want to isolate yourself a little bit or, or take some time out afterwards.

[00:05:19] Marielle: Oh yeah. And even in the lead up to speaking at an event, you know, every time that I’m about to go onstage, you know, you see people that are kind of mixing and mingling and networking. I’m literally off in the corner, trying to compose myself, trying to remember what I have to say, because I just need to conserve my energy.

And I think that’s so common with introverts. A lot of people think it’s about being really shy. When for me, it’s definitely more just about. Recognizing that I don’t have bounds of energy. I just need to conserve mine. And, um, yeah, so definitely before speaking, and after speaking, I need to kind of decompress and a recent myself.

[00:06:01] Emma-Louise: I listened to an episode of the Tim Ferriss show a few years ago now. And he was talking about what he does when he goes somewhere to speak and obviously speak to Ted talks and Southwest. I can’t even think it was south by Southwest, so to speak. And so he was talking about traveling to all the, all of these, you know, huge places.

He gets paid a lot of money to speak, but he went through his rigmarole for before speaking and he’s like, I go to. Place the day before I make sure that I’ve looked at the rooms because he’s like, I still get nervous. Cause I’m an introvert I go through. And then he’s like, I make sure I’ve got everything for the morning for my routine.

Like I want to make sure I’ve got the right coffee and everything that I usually have at home. So I don’t want it to throw me off. And then this is when I’m in the green room. You said noise, canceling headphones, go on. Because I don’t want to be chatting to people. I’m just really focused on what I do.

And so I can imagine that cause he’s very charismatic and energetic while he’s speaking, but then he said, when he’s done, it’s like, I’m out. See you. I go back to the hotel. 

[00:07:04] Marielle: I totally get that. And it’s funny actually, cause um, LinkedIn have approached me to do like some workshops with them and the first one is going to be next week.

And already before this session I was thinking. I need to have a practice run with the organizer. Like I can’t just on the day show up and be like, duh, let me present. I’m like, no, I need to have a kind of dress rehearsal if you will, because God forbid anything was to happen. And yeah, I think that it’s very much an introvert.

Right. Isn’t it just thinking. Okay. I need to make sure that I bring my a game. So let me circumvent anything that might prevent that. So, um, yeah, it’s a good way to be actually, 

[00:07:47] Emma-Louise: though. I think I get stamps about liking to be prepared. I think we very detail oriented and we want to make sure that if we turn.

That we’re going to do our best and serve the people there. So definitely that’s something, that’s something I work with my clients on as well. Even things like sales calls, you know, before they go out and do their first sales call with someone, we’ll walk through it. Like, what format will it take? I’ll let them practice because just going into it.

And I think all of them have said. The first sales call because they’ve gone into it feeling confident, 

[00:08:18] Marielle: right? Yes. Yes. I knew, you know, and it’s, um, energy is contagious as well. Like people do read. Like, okay. What sort of vibe am I getting on this house call? Do I feel like she is confident? Do I feel like she can help me?

So I think that practice does go a long way. For 

[00:08:34] Emma-Louise: sure. I did not somewhere that introverts have actually got an advantage in business because a lot of extroverts for things like sales calls or, you know, shown up, live on video or an event, they relying on their extrovert energy. So they’re relying on what they’re feeding off from other people to do it.

Whereas we’re a lot more I’m prepared. This is what I do. I’ve got a structure it’s always the same. So we can almost replicate those really, really good results over and over and over. 

[00:09:01] Marielle: Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It’s great. 

[00:09:04] Emma-Louise: So in terms of PR, publicity, all of those things that people probably look at and think, oh, if I’m early on in my business, again, like there’s no way I’m going to get featured in a big publication or, you know, wouldn’t even know where to start is one of the things I get from my audience a lot is about being a guest on podcasts and they go, no one’s invited me ever on to.

And I’m like, well, you can invite yourself 

[00:09:31] Marielle: and that’s it. That’s a key thing. You know, PR is, um, firstly it’s about being proactive or, you know, if you want PR you have to be proactive unless you’re Beyonce, nobody’s necessarily going to be wanting to feature you in headline news that said. PR, you have to remember.

It’s about storytelling and each of us, each of everyone listening right now has a story to tell. Um, so don’t be dissuaded thinking. I need to have those big numbers. I need to have, uh, you know, a huge Instagram following first and foremost, it’s about how good is your story? And is it relevant to the readers or the listeners?

Right. So that’s where you have to really think and, you know, just understanding what makes a good story is. Halfway there to getting good PR for yourself. And then I would say to ’em, you know, focus on just like a handful of media outlets or podcasts, um, that you want to be featured in. So instead of thinking, you know, I’m going to go for like Forbes.

Start like, there’s like, there’s a hierarchy if you will, with media. So you can focus on maybe your, your local trade press or, um, uh, publication in your local area. You can really start small and build from there. Um, but like I said, the story is the most important thing when it comes to publicity and everyone has a story to.

[00:10:54] Emma-Louise: I was chatting to Matthew Paula. Who’s another introvert coach. Actually, he’s an introvert sales and networking coach, and he had the same keynote speech for four years. He’s built, I think an eight figure business on this same keynote speech and it features the same three story. 

[00:11:12] Marielle: Wow. I love it. Cause he said they 

[00:11:15] Emma-Louise: cover, you know, oh, look him up.

It’s great. Great two great books that he’s got out. Um, what about sales and what about networking? But he said, you know, these stories are so powerful and they, what people need to hear that he’s like, I was almost bored of saying them, but almost every event that he spoke at people would come up to them after and they go, I want to work.

Wow. How do I work with you? And it’s just like, literally dying off the same three stories because they’re powerful and they connect with this 

[00:11:42] Marielle: audience. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s the old data, it’s those, you know, facts tell stories sell. Right. So we have to remember, it’s always a story that people are going to remember.

I think back to when I’ve done my webinars and it’s never anything like really factual, it’s always something random like, oh yeah. You lived in New York or, you know, you did something or the other. Um, so really think about what makes you unique, you know, cause that is what people are gonna remember more often than, you know, the box standard stuff that we think they’re going to 

[00:12:12] Emma-Louise: remember.

And I think that’s an important piece where I know a lot of introverts will look in the online space and they go, oh, it’s saturated. It’s noisy. Um, you know, especially coaching and mentoring, they might think, well, people are already doing it. They’ve got way more followers than me. Why is anyone going to hire me?

How am I going to stand out? And actually how you’re going to stand out is your story. 

[00:12:34] Marielle: Yeah. This, this is a thing. And you know, there’s people that are gonna resonate with your story and think, oh my gosh, Emma Louise is the right coach for me. There’s people that aren’t gonna resonate with my story and think, okay, well, yeah, I see what Marielle’s, you know, Don or her challenges.

I see myself in her. So yeah, there’s absolutely enough everywhere. Something. That’s 

[00:12:55] Emma-Louise: really interesting. There’s a snippet on my website. It’s it’s on my, about me page it’s one line. And it was just saying about the things that I’ve achieved. And one of the things that I think I’ve achieved is that I have stayed happily unmarried and child.

In my forties by choice. I didn’t succumb to this societal pressure to get married and have kids. So I always knew I didn’t want kids. It’s not a huge defining factor of me. It’s not something I talk about all the time. I’m at peace with it now. Uh, my parents took longer, but we got there and the amount of people that have reached out to say, I just read that on your website.

And I want to say thank you because I’m saying. 

[00:13:36] Marielle: That’s great. So 

[00:13:38] Emma-Louise: sometimes the thing, you know, that’s absolutely nothing to do with my business or my coaching experience, but obviously people relate to us in ways that we can’t imagine. 

[00:13:46] Marielle: Yeah. And it often is those personal anecdotes that people think, oh, wow.

I, I really resonate with that. So that is why, especially as introverts is so, so important not to stay stuck in your head. Cause I think for a long time I stayed stuck in my head thinking, well, I don’t know who I am or I don’t have anything interesting to say, you know, so didn’t really say anything. Um, but now I’m like, actually, you know, I’ve, I’ve led quite an interesting life.

Let me share it. Oh, you’ve got 

[00:14:14] Emma-Louise: loads to say that’s, that’s why I was like, please come on the podcast, Mario. But I do think sometimes, like one of my friends said, when you’re inside the jar, you can’t read the label. Like just too, too close to the things that there are so many things that I go well, you know, that’s not really very interesting about me and other people go, yes, it is because you’re too close to it because it’s your life.

[00:14:38] Marielle: That’s the thing. And also, like you said before, you know, there’s always somebody that needs to hear what we have to say, right? Like, you know, the life that you live in 10 years ago, there’s somebody that is thinking, you know, how do I do this? Or how do I do that? You know? So I think it is, we just have to show ourselves some grace, I think a lot of the time, I think we’re too hard on ourselves.

A lot of the time, 

[00:14:59] Emma-Louise: I also think we’ve achieved something it’s easy to look back and it’s quite. So I remember talking to you before you went to live in New York, that was something that you had on your vision board. That was like a real big dream for you. And now you go, yeah, I lived in New York. It was great.

But before that, you know, that feeling of this is what I want more than anything in the world and it’s almost, yeah. It feels unachievable at the start when we start to work towards something like that and that no, it’s just like, yeah. Yeah. 

[00:15:31] Marielle: Wow. I’m quite delusional in that sense though, because I, I managed to make it happen within like nine months of it being an idea.

Wow. I. Would visualize myself walking down the street in Brooklyn. Like I, I saw it with such a clear eye view. I was like, yeah, it’s happening. And that’s, we have a lot of things, you know, I’m like, okay, this is how. And did 

[00:15:55] Emma-Louise: you live in 

[00:15:55] Marielle: Brooklyn? Yeah. Yeah. I lived in Brooklyn. I was walking down the streets, like with the brownstones and stuff and I’m like, okay.

Yeah. Well, I kind of knew this was going to happen. I started to meet here in my head. I would close my eyes every morning, every night. And that’s where I would go to Brooklyn in my dreams. You 

[00:16:15] Emma-Louise: see, what I love about the podcast is people come on to talk about something and then we, we end up going somewhere else.

So we’ve gone on to like visualization manifestation, which is great because favorite topics, it’s all interlinked. I did it. I interviewed someone last week and we were talking about systems. Strategy and procedure. And we started off on a completely different note. I don’t even know how after about five minutes, we’re like, oh, we’re on mindset.

[00:16:40] Marielle: Yeah. But you know, I think as an introvert, I use visualization as a powerful technique. I didn’t mention this earlier, but when I’m about to go on stage or do a big speaking gig, I often like the night before I would visualize my. Being given a Stanton innovation, I would visualize it going so well that they were like, oh my gosh, give it up for Mariella again.

You know, literally that’s what I would, that’s the vibe, that’s the energy that I would want to convey. So, um, yeah, visualization has helped me a lot. And to anyone listening that is afraid of, um, king gigs or doing anything, that’s really good. Push you outside of your, um, introvertedness I highly recommend visualization 

[00:17:26] Emma-Louise: and I think it works really well for us because we have got vivid imagination.

We’ve got a really rich in a world, so it’s really easy for us. Like you say, close your eyes and picture something. I was always told as a kid, you know, oh, you’ve got a wild imagination. And I’m like, yeah, good. I’m glad because that’s why I managed to create some epic things. But yeah, I think we need to tap into that.

You reminded me of, um, story about Michael Phelps, the swimmer who realizes everything. And he visualizes every race in an, every possible thing that could go right. Or could go wrong with it. Like he would literally play through in his head before the Olympics. What will happen if my goggles break. Jordan it, or what will happen if I get this cramp or what?

So he’s played it over and over so that when he actually goes to start, he’s like, well, it doesn’t matter if any of those things happen because I’m prepared for them. 

[00:18:17] Marielle: Oh, I love that. I love that. Yeah. Yeah. So 

[00:18:20] Emma-Louise: that, that’s how you get Olympic medals apparently to 

[00:18:24] Marielle: just visualize, sat on your sofa. 

[00:18:27] Emma-Louise: So we touched on the public speaking point, but I would love to know how do you think being introverted has helped you in your business?

[00:18:36] Marielle: Yeah, I think it’s definitely helped me just be much more empathetic because I really have a deep understanding of what it’s like to feel like an outsider, what it’s like to suffer with crippling anxiety. Like, and I could really talk about that in my content. Um, so yes, just yesterday I posted on LinkedIn, how I’m one of the bravest things you could do for yourself is to speak up.

And that was something that I really struggled with, especially in my twenties. You know, I really would often just in my job, I would think it was enough to let my work speak for itself. And then I would wonder, hold on. Why does my boss not know? But I’ve done all this great work because I wasn’t talking about it.

Um, so now with the work I do helping women to increase their visibility. A lot of my clients are introverts and they come to me because they often say, you know, I really resonate with you. I’ve been watching a lot of your LinkedIn lives, read a lot of your content, and it really, really resonates with me.

I know that you can help me, or I know you’re the woman for me, which is great. Um, I would say on the downside of that is that I get really, really tired. Um, if I’m around too much, too much noise and that’s something that I have to better manage. So that’s partly the reason I have my energy coach, because she really helps me really protect my energy because I am such a giver as well.

Like, so, you know, people that are messaging me on like DM or WhatsApp, and I want to respond to everyone. But that actually gets me quite tired as well. So I really have to learn to protect my energy. So there’s pros and cons. Yeah. 

[00:20:16] Emma-Louise: And that boundaries piece I think, is so important and especially for introverts and imparts, because we want to give and we want to help.

I, I do client calls now on a Tuesday and Thursday and Wednesdays, I have my own coaching calls and I’ll usually record some podcasts and things. And by Thursday I think I have five clients on the first day. I first H E. I am broken. I literally just sat on the sofa and don’t speak until Friday. 

[00:20:46] Marielle: Yeah. And I totally resonate with that.

I really, really do. So. It is about just understanding, okay. This is the work that I do. I love to do it, but how can I better protect myself? Because I wrote a post last week as well saying, you know, you can’t pour from an empty cup because. Given so much, um, in recent weeks and I just got so tired, I just, I was so burned out.


[00:21:11] Emma-Louise: you feel tiredness when you say that kind of I’ve given so much and I’m burning out, where do you feel? Is it mental, physical, every 

[00:21:18] Marielle: everything. So like, Uh, it’s like, I feel like my phone kind of closes up for a start, like just unable to talk, um, my body as well. Like my body just feels almost achy, tired.

I literally just want to lay down. And that’s it. So it’s kind of mental and physical. 

[00:21:38] Emma-Louise: That sounds like me on a Thursday evening. I know I, one of the things I’ve done and I don’t mind because it’s my clients. Um, but one of the things that I know I’ve had to do is stop doing other tasks in between clients.

So maybe I have a client call at 10, then at one 30, you know, then at three, then at five. But that time in between, I’m like trying to write an email sequence or trying to do something. And I’m like, no, I have to protect those days for me, like flicking between tasks and introvert. I don’t know if you find the same 

[00:22:08] Marielle: exhausting.

And yes, I’m so glad that you brought this up because this is another thing that I’m working on with my coach, because I’m stuff I used to really want to try to do everything. And then I recognized that this is part of the reason I’m self-sabotaging is because trying to just do everything. So now, like today I’m spending the day just writing proposals.

It, and obviously talking to you, but that’s all I’m doing. I appreciate that. That’s all I’m doing is why 10 proposals, because, uh, there’s no point in me trying to be like super, super creative or trying to do videos and just really just stay in that zone. And it took me a long time to recognize how splitting my energy too much.

[00:22:50] Emma-Louise: It’s such an important thing I had to Irene on, um, back in, oh, I think it was about episode six or seven. It’s really, really early on. And he was saying about having the YouTube channel and, you know, I ran, you know, hugely introverted as well. And she’s like, I do one day of batch record in the videos and it’s exhausted.

I’ve got videos for three months and I don’t have to do it again. And it made complete sense because I’m like, actually once you’re in that energy of like, you know, I’ve done the makeup, I’ve done the hair, I’m doing video yet. You’ll be exhausted at the end of it, but you’re not flicking in and out between things.

[00:23:23] Marielle: Yeah. Yeah. It’s such a powerful, powerful lesson to learn. 

[00:23:27] Emma-Louise: Yeah. I think I’ve definitely been guilty of trying to cram in between like, oh, well I’ve got an hour between plants so I can get this done. It’s like, now I’m like, no, I’ve got an arbitration clause move away from the office, like sit in the garden or go for a walk or read a book or, or, or do something else.

I’m definitely better for 

[00:23:43] Marielle: that. Absolutely. Yeah. I really resonate with that. 

[00:23:47] Emma-Louise: So one thing I’d love to touch on, probably let you go. Is LinkedIn. Because you are, when I think of you, I think of yet you moved to New York. Um, I also think of that lovely Marielle in when we’re in Los Angeles and you’re posting for your food.

I love it. I can have to, I’m going to have to share it when the episode, like this model on the balcony just looks so beautiful. Um, so I think of that, but I also think of LinkedIn because, um, when I first got to know you, that was something you were talking about quite a lot, and I was very new to the online space.

It wasn’t something I’d used in my corporate role. So I was always quite intrigued. I know you’ve had a lot of success building your brand on that. 


[00:24:29] Marielle: Yeah. And I absolutely love it. Um, what I love about LinkedIn is that to me, it’s the only social media platform where you could get clients, corporate clients, publicity speaking in.

From partnerships and these are all the things that I help my clients to do as well. And in my corporate role, that’s what I use to get to New York. You know, I would, I would wake up every morning and I would message people in my network that I saw were living in New York. And I would just say to them, what’s it like living in New York?

So I feel like it’s kind of like an all encompassing platform. Um, and I also love about it is. As an introvert, you don’t have to be posting every day. You know, I’m still getting engagement from posts that I shared last week, you know? Um, I just, um, and I love the functionality of it as well. Like you could send video messages to people, voice notes.

Um, yeah, it’s just a. Uh, a platform that I really 

[00:25:25] Emma-Louise: love, I think is very introvert friendly. It’s definitely something that I need to explore more. A couple of my clients use it a lot, um, especially that work with corporates and, and have a lot of success with it. But from the few times I’ve shared articles on there, or I’ve been tagged in articles that have been published.

I’ve had a great response and I’ve made some really great connections. So I’m very, very open 

[00:25:47] Marielle: to. Yeah, no, definitely. And I think, um, you know, once you know how to use it is, it is literally a goldmine of opportunity. So many big opportunities on there. I was approached before lockdown and flown out to Berlin.

Like I hadn’t even been to Berlin at this point, but they were like, We’ve seen your stuff. We come and speak at our conference. I was like, sure, absolutely. You know, so those sorts of things, you know, just, and I’m working with LinkedIn now they approach me and have asked me to, um, create content for their LinkedIn stories platform.

So really excited for that. That’s going to be shown across all of the UK Instagram users platforms. Um, I’ll be doing a webinar with them as well. So I just feel like, you know, there’s, there is a lot of opportunity on. 

[00:26:34] Emma-Louise: I’m going to take this as a sign, because I was actually saying this morning, I want a really good cup of coffee from like a really good coffee shop.

And the barn in Berlin is my favorite coffee shop. And I was actually saying out loud, maybe I should sort of fair IP day to someone in Berlin. And I could fly out, do VIP day and have really good bond coffee. Maybe I’m going to find them on LinkedIn and they’re going to fly me out to both. 

[00:26:57] Marielle: Yeah. Why not 

[00:27:00] Emma-Louise: making that happen?


[00:27:01] Marielle: Yeah. Or you could just message the, um, the brand and say, Hey, I’ve got this podcast. I would love for you to sponsor it. 

[00:27:11] Emma-Louise: That’s interested. I was thinking about sponsorship for the podcast. So maybe I’ll, I might have to pick your brain on that another time. Yeah. Coffee would be a great sponsor of my questions.

I’d be totally on board 

[00:27:22] Marielle: with that. Yeah. I think that they go quite well together. For sure. 

[00:27:26] Emma-Louise: I think introverts and coffee seemed to go very well. Very well together. I think it’s that simple pleasures thing gets that first sip of coffee in the morning. Yeah. 

[00:27:37] Marielle: Yeah. And I was going to say as well, another thing that I’ve been doing a lot of is just having Epsom salt baths as a way to like decompress and wind down.

That’s kind of become a Friday ritual that I look forward to. 

[00:27:49] Emma-Louise: Perfect. And for anyone that’s listening, that’s an empathic. Salt. Bart’s really, really good for clearing your energy, getting rid of other people’s toxic energy. So, yeah. And the same absolutely love that. So, Mario, before I let you go, I would love to ask you, as I ask all of my guests, which book would you recommend to my listeners who are looking to grow or scale an online.

[00:28:10] Marielle: Which book? Oh, there’s so many, there are so many books I’m looking to grow and scale an online business. See, I really believe that it is an inner inner game, right. To really show up and scale your business online. So I’ve read quite a few books and I’m going to say, say, um, The book that is right here, Robyn sharp.

Sharma’s 5:00 AM club. Cause I just love that book. And I feel like, and I’ll tell, I’ll tell you why I love it, but there’s a few reasons, but one of the reasons I love that book is because he really talks about just pouring into you before showing up in the world. And I think that’s something that we can often neglect.

And I know when I neglect myself or look, you know, pouring into myself, That really impacts my business. So I think that book has really been a game changer and on the front it says own your morning, elevate your life. And I think it’s just really, really helped me to tap into my unique gifts. So that would definitely be a good book.

Um, I’m trying to think cope. What else? I love, I also love M T Harv Eker secrets of the millionaire. Mind. I love that Burke. 

[00:29:29] Emma-Louise: Uh, yeah. Book changed my relationship with money 10 years ago. Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:29:36] Marielle: Such a powerful 

[00:29:37] Emma-Louise: book. I think we had that discussion before. So yeah, I’ll definitely drop both of those in the show notes.

I agree. That is fantastic. And it’s been a 5:00 AM club, have quite a few guests have mentioned that. So it is a popular recommendation, but after we’re talking about story, the fact that it’s written as a story, but it has all this great information and tips and how to do it. Yeah. But it’s written as a story.

I think that’s why a lot of people connect with it a lot more than just a self-help or personal develop. Yeah. 

[00:30:06] Marielle: Yeah. The story is so powerful and, um, that I need to, I’m going to actually reread it. Um, again, cause I’ve got so many highlighted pages. I feel like there’s so many sound bites and so many pieces of gold lace fraud, this book, um, I would definitely recommend it and secrets of the millionaire mind.

It really just made me think about. The difference in mindset that is required to really build, build wealth. 

[00:30:30] Emma-Louise: Yeah, I would agree if you’re looking at that formula of jars and the way you start to apportion your money. I think that is game changing in business and in life. So fabulous recommendations. 

[00:30:41] Marielle: Oh, I’m glad.

[00:30:42] Emma-Louise: I’m glad. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to come and speak to us. I’m going to drop all of your links in the show notes. So everyone connects with you, especially on LinkedIn. Yeah. Thank you for sharing your beautiful 

[00:30:53] Marielle: wisdom with us. Oh, you’re so, so welcome. It was a lot of fun and thanks for having me.