Rest Without Sacrifice: Designing Your Schedule around Your Priorities with Jordan Gill

February 19, 2024

Rest Without Sacrifice: Designing Your Schedule around Your Priorities with Jordan Gill

Are you clear on your priorities? And, if so, are you protecting your time and energy to really focus on them?

Whether you’re a busy exec or an empire-building entrepreneur, it can be all too easy to lose sight of what’s important during the day-to-day busyness of life. This week on the podcast I’m joined by Jordan Gill, founder of Systems Saved Me®, who has become an expert in creating a life and business to suit her limited energy.

As a chronic illness sufferer, a projector and a someone who dips into the introverted end of the spectrum, Jordan knows all too well how critical it is to Own Your Energy® for sustainable success – and celebrating 8 years in business this year shows she really walks her talk.

Tune in to hear us chat about:

  • What is means to be ‘energy limited’
  • Knowing what’s important to you, and prioritising that first
  • Overcoming judgement from others when making decisions that work for your energy
  • Seasons of businesses and careers – why you may need to pull back after a period of push
  • How decisions get easier with the wisdom of experience
  • How Jordan uses a surprising marketing strategy that many introverts avoid (with great results)
  • Saying no to ‘good’ opportunities for the sake of your energy (and why keeping control of your calendar is key for introverts)

This was such a special conversation, where we managed to cover a broad range of topics but go deep on them too – I know you’re going to enjoy it!


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