The Pillars of Introverted Leadership with Terrance Lee

April 22, 2024

Some might think ‘introverted leader’ is a bit of an oxymoron… However those of us who deeply understand introverts aren’t surprised at all that they excel in this type of role!

After doubting his abilities for many years, an unexpected public speaking event set Terrance Lee on a path he could never have imagined. Today he’s an authority on introverted leadership, the author of two books on the subject with management and leadership experience in multiple Fortune 500 companies.

I was lucky enough to meet Terrance in person earlier this year, and it was a pleasure to connect with him again for this episode of The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast.

Tune in to learn:

  • What led Terrance to understand that introverts make great leaders
  • His own journey of discovery around his introversion, and how that changed in different season of life
  • How a growth mindset and being willing to go outside of his comfort zone has allowed him to create a business on his terms
  • How owning his strengths not only created a successful business but also helped him reclaim the fun of childhood too
  • What Terrance really feels about small talk…
  • And the number one energy saving practice that’s enabled him to balance a high pressure career, a young family and write two books (and begin a third!) without burning himself out

If you’re ready to be inspired to achieve more without sacrificing your personality and needs, this episode is for you!

Episode References: 

Quiet by Susan Cain

The Highly Sensitive Person by Dr Elaine Aron


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