What will it cost not to invest

February 4, 2021

My ROI on investing in my coach in Q3/4 was almost 300%

For every £1 I invested, £4 came back to me

This means I made 3x more than I spent

And that’s not all – I’ve made more money THIS year from that investment

And I’ll continue to for months & years to come (it’s about the long game for me, not overnight results)

Let’s just make up some round numbers to keep it simple – with my 300% ROI…

Say I invested £10,000 in my coach, & my revenue was £40,000

I made £30,000 after the initial investment

Just say I’d been scared to invest or waited another 6 months…

That decision would’ve cost me £30,000+

So I could either (a) save £10,000 by not investing or (b) gain £30,000 by investing

So when you’re looking at making an investment in your business growth that seems scary or expensive, as this question…

“What will it cost me NOT to invest?”