Best of the Back Catalogue – Releasing Trapped Emotions for Growth & Success with Kyle Haskins

October 2, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of “Best of the Back Catalogue” Series, where I’m sharing some of the most popular episodes from the last 3 years. I loved recording this interview with Kyle, who’s been a big part of my own personal and business growth journey. Tune in to hear about Emotion Code and how it’s perfect to help us let go of anything we’re holding into that isn’t serving us.

Original episode show notes below.

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert Podcast, featuring a guest who has had a huge impact on my life and business – Kyle Haskins. Kyle is an Energy Code practitioner who I’ve worked with numerous times and I’m really excited to share this because his approach to energy work cannot be found in the mainstream. We discuss The Emotion Code, how it works, and the impact it’s had on me and my business. So much to learn in this episode, enjoy!

Kyle uses The Emotion Code to help his clients thrive every day, live their dreams, and love their life. Learn more about his work here.

Kyle and I Discuss:

  • What The Emotion Code is and how Kyle became a practitioner
  • How The Emotion Code can help you create a clean slate and heal past traumas 
  • How emotional healing is connected to different types of mindset coaching  
  • The basic process of a healing session with Kyle and how to actually release things that are holding us back 
  • The recalibration process after you’ve changed your energy frequency from emotional healing 
  • Kyle’s favourite client results

Kyle’s book suggestion for the Ambitious Introvert:

The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks


Connect with Kyle:




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