Best of the Back Catalogue – Why LinkedIn is the Most Introvert Friendly Platform, with Lindsay Mitrosilis

October 9, 2023

With so much talk of social media, algorithms and the like, I’m excited to re-air this “Best of” episode about the power of LinkedIn. The beauty of creating evergreen content is that this super valuable conversation between Lindsay and I is still as relevant now as when we recorded it in April 2021! If you’re curious about tapping into LinkedIn for your brand or business this is the episode for you!

Original show notes below.

If you’re an introvert, you want to be on LinkedIn. On today’s episode of the show is LinkedIn strategist Lindsay Mitrosilis, who joined me to talk about why LinkedIn is the most introvert friendly platform and how you can grow your network and your business in a way that feels good. I learned a few surprising things, and I know you will too!

Lindsay and I discuss:

  • How LinkedIn is a holistic platform for business owners and candidates
  • The big differences between LinkedIn and other social media platforms
  • Knowing which content is right for you on on LinkedIn
  • How to find your ideal clients on LinkedIn
  • The fastest way to start building your LinkedIn network in a credible way
  • How to repurpose your content for LinkedIn

Lindsay Mitrosilis helps impact driven business owners add linkedin to their marketing & lead generation toolbox so they can win more business. If you’re ready to win at LinkedIn, visit her website to learn how you can work together today. 

Linsey’s book recommendation for The Ambitious Introvert:

Why She Buys by Bridget Brennan

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