Client Spotlight with Lauren Lea

June 26, 2023

This week on The Ambitious Introvert Podcast® I’m delighted to share my very first Client Spotlight episode with you. Lauren Lea is an OBM and fractional COO, and she has recently launched OBM Associates®, a new arm of her business.

Lauren’s been a client since October 2022 and we’d been connected for around 6 months before then. Even though she’s actually an extrovert on the Myers Briggs scale I knew she’d be a perfect fit for my coaching style based on her values and energy.

I hope you enjoy hearing what happens behind the scenes when I support a client with a big change in business. Even though there was a LOT of strategy work that went into Lauren’s launch there was also vital mindset and growth work. Lauren is super open about the challenges she worked through to ultimately create the success of OBM Associates®.

Tune in to find out:

  • Lauren’s human design type and how she embraces that in her work
  • Why we don’t necessarily need support from someone who has the same skills and personality type as us, but instead can embrace the opposite
  • Lauren’s corporate career path and how she found her way to the online space
  • What led Lauren to make a change in her business and how she decided to create OBM Associates®
  • How we streamlined Lauren’s business idea during our half day kick-off in Lisbon
  • Why Lauren’s definition of success isn’t defined by finances
  • Her passion for travel and how she made her business work while she was in South America
  • The impact Lauren’s environment has on her energy levels
  • Lauren’s experience of working with me and how she feels about Slack support


Lauren’s Instagram: @laurenleaobm

OBM Associates Instagram: @obmassociates


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle




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