Understanding Yourself Through the Gene Keys

July 3, 2023

This week I’m joined by my friend Analena Fuchs who is sharing her expertise on the Gene Keys. Analena is a Human Design coach for conscious introvert leaders, and she helps her clients to create success in a sustainable way that allows them to fully enjoy their life and business.

I’m fascinated by my Human Design, but to me the Gene Keys are the perfect modality for depth and understanding. Depth is one of my words of the year and I love that I could spend months reading about just one of my Gene Keys and still learn something new about myself!

Tune in to find out:

  • What the Gene Keys are and how they differ from Human Design
  • How you can understand yourself through your Gene Keys
  • How and where to start learning about yourself through them
  • Why slowing down your pace can have an extraordinary impact on how you understand yourself
  • Why I changed my core values based on my deepening understanding of my own Gene Keys
  • Analena’s input on my chart and how I can embrace it more
  • Why our shadow isn’t a bad thing – it’s just one part of us and understanding that is the key to truly understanding ourselves


Website: https://analenafuchs.com/

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The Art of Slowing Down Podcast: https://analenafuchs.com/podcast 


The Art of Contemplation: A gentle path to wholeness and prosperity by Richard Rudd

How to access your Gene Key reading for free: https://genekeys.com/ 


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