Embracing the Woo & Creating a Balanced Business with Kendall Cherry

January 31, 2022

Kendall Cherry is joining me on today’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert! Kendall is my 1:1 client, a copywriter, agency owner and founder of The Candid Collective. I invited her on today because at the start of our working together she was very resistant to the ‘woo’ – but once she fully embraced the different energetic practices I use, she saw so many transformations in her business, mindset and life. She’s sharing her business journey, how she tackles content creation as a copywriter, and how she’s created a business that perfectly suits her personality. 

Kendall and I discuss:

  • How Kendall grew into done for you agency work and copywriting as a whole, overcoming the stressors and her inner critic 
  • Why Kendall believes in the power of EFT and mindset work, and everything that it’s done for her business
  • Why private podcasting feels aligned for Kendall, her personality type, and her ideal clients (but isn’t right for everyone)
  • How Kendall’s view of writing her own content has changed because of her copywriting work and experience 

If you are an introvert, wallflower, visionary, rebel, or renegade, Kendall and The Candid Collective are here to help you tell your story. Learn how you can work with Kendall here.

Kendall’s book recommendation for the Ambitious Introvert:

That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix 

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Ep. 71 (Kendall Cherry)

[00:00:00] Hmm. 

[00:00:03] Emma-Louise Parkes: Okay. You ready?

Hello. Hello. And welcome to the first episode of the ambitious introvert podcast that I am recording this year, the first with a slightly new format and the first I’ve ever recorded with a client. 

[00:00:23] Kendall Cherry: What was. 

[00:00:26] Emma-Louise Parkes: Hi, how’s it going? Good. Thank you. Thank you for joining me today. And this one of many firsts. 

[00:00:34] Kendall Cherry: Yes, I’m very, very excited to be here.

Very excited to chat with you this morning for me afternoon for you. 

[00:00:41] Emma-Louise Parkes: So anyone who follows me on Insta or probably in the Facebook group is probably fairly familiar with you. We’ve been connected for a long time. Um, but for anyone listening that doesn’t dabble so much in social media, um, please introduce yourself and you’ll be.

[00:00:59] Kendall Cherry: Yeah. So [00:01:00] I’m Kendall cherry. I am the founder and creative director here at the candid collective, and we’re on a mission to create a world that’s more candid and kind. So I do a few different things. Um, right now I’m operating as a copywriter and I run a copywriting agencies. We work a lot with clients to tell their story, whether it’s on their website.

Through monthly content like social media or email or any other kind of just like one-off writing projects. Basically the, the thing I like to say is if you need it written, we can write it. Uh, we just need to know kind of what it is. Um, so we do kind of the copywriting thing and then moving into 2022, I’m also growing.

And the education brand. So we have a couple of courses out. Um, we have one called storytelling for sales, which is really great for founders and CEOs and people that I think this, the people listening to this podcast, ambitious introverts, I, I am one. We struggle [00:02:00] a lot with knowing how to show up online and how to tell our story.

So that course is really great for helping you get just some really strong frameworks. It’s like the five big story frameworks you’ve got to know and be able to talk about kind of at a, moment’s notice as a small business owner. So we have that one and then I have another course out called all about email, which is basically email 1 0 1.

So if you’re interested in email marketing and you’re very confused how it works and where to start, that is kind of a big, um, Basic overview of everything you need to know about emails so you can get started right away. So it doesn’t matter if you have a really small list or maybe you’re like ground zero, you’re starting from scratch.

Um, but we have those two courses and I’m sure my brain, at some point this year will be. Other courses, because that’s just what I do. So, um, I’ve been doing that, but I’ve been an entrepreneur now for, oh my God. I’m like on year three, which is insane to me. Cause I just, I never thought I was going to be an entrepreneur.

I did the corporate [00:03:00] thing and that was for a really long time when I thought I was going to do. And then yeah, now I’m, I’m on year three of entrepreneurial. Just grinding it out and still here and really grateful to get, to call this like my job, which doesn’t really feel like it. Most days doesn’t feel like a job.

Sometimes it does like admin work, but most days I feel really, really great and grateful for what I get to do. 

[00:03:24] Emma-Louise Parkes: So the first thing I’m going to say to anyone listening is that Kendall’s courses are epic and this is one off this, one of the bonuses of being someone’s coach. You get to see behind the scenes and you get to see all of their content and they send you things like their courses to go, Hey, can you watch this?

Okay. Is this okay? So, um, so from that vantage point, I can say that epic and we’ll link them in the show notes. Secondly, did you ever think a, you would be a copywriter and B you would be running an agent? 

[00:03:58] Kendall Cherry: Absolutely not an [00:04:00] absolutely fucking not. So when I first started, when I, I had been in corporate for about five and a half years, I was really unhappy.

And I started my business businesses at the time, basically at like five in the morning before I would go to work and then, you know, I’d go home and then I’d come back and be working into the evening. And at the time I did, I’ve done like every. Almost every business model under the sun. So for a while I was doing like software implementation.

And then I was when I left my corporate job. And this is when I really like what I thought was going to be what I was doing. Um, I was going to fit. I thought I was going to kind of be under the umbrella of business coach and I’d helped a few clients. And that’s where I’d made a lot of my sales in the past and had started working with people.

And I like actively avoid. Like done for you service provider. Cause I was so scared about, especially as a copywriter, I was like, oh my [00:05:00] God, I’m secretly a creative.

[00:05:44] Emma-Louise Parkes: Now you mute it. 

[00:05:47] Kendall Cherry: It kicks me out. I, you just priors or you froze. Did you hear me? No, 

[00:05:53] Emma-Louise Parkes: you literally froze. 

[00:05:56] Kendall Cherry: Tell me where we stopped. 

[00:05:57] Emma-Louise Parkes: We got up to, Hey, this is going to love [00:06:00] this episodes need no editing. And then it’s like the ones that the free. And so I think I better ask you again. Did you ever think that you would be a copywriter go from that?

Cause it kind of went away. 

[00:06:16] Kendall Cherry: Yeah, I was feeling good over here. And then I was like, I was like, she’s not blinking a blooper. I was like, you know the story it’s fucking good. 

[00:06:28] Emma-Louise Parkes: Okay. 

[00:06:29] Kendall Cherry: Ready? Okay. I’m ready. 

[00:06:32] Emma-Louise Parkes: And secondly, did you ever think that you would be a copywriter and an agency owner? 

[00:06:40] Kendall Cherry: A. Absolutely not and absolutely fucking not.

Um, so I will say when I first started, I was doing kind of like the business coaching side of things. So I was working one-on-one with a lot of clients, which for me as an introvert, for me as a projector, that was a lot. [00:07:00] And I was, there were parts of it that I really like. I think I’m actually like roll into the teacher side of things.

So I really liked that part of it, but I was feeling really drained and. Even I’ll say, even though I had about eight years of corporate communications experience, even though I have a master’s in public relations, I never thought. That I could be a copywriter. I didn’t even, I like self identify as a writer until January of 2021, which is insane.

Even though, again, even though like I was the kid in school, like my elementary school teachers would like submit my papers for awards and stuff. And I would like rework like rewrite Taylor swift song. Like song lyrics and high school, and like write songs about my boyfriends at the time or whatever.

Like I was always writing, but I just never. There, I think there’s a, there’s a moment like professionally when you are writing for [00:08:00] like, uh, something corporate, like you kind of just, you only kind of see yourself in this like one version of writer and not what I’m doing now, which is like writing poetry and like doing podcasts and storytelling and writing on behalf of other people.

I just like, I don’t know. I never really thought of myself doing that. And then. It was also very, I’ll say, actively avoiding done for you service work and especially like agency work because I am secretly a rebel, I’ll say not so secretly. Typical creative. So I was very nervous about like project timelines and client expectations and like what that would feel like for me.

Um, no, I wasn’t really sure how that would work. And so I, that was a big reason. I just didn’t do it. Come to find out now, like you can just use a sauna. Yeah. You control your dates and it’s not a big deal, but it was like, that was, I remember when I first thought about transitioning, that was like, one of the big stressors was like, oh my gosh, I’m [00:09:00] never going to be able to handle all of the workload I’m going to have.

I’m never going to be able to. You know, handle the timelines and the back and forth and all this stuff. And then come to find out like your full, complete control of your schedule as well. So it’s not as bad, but it felt really big at the time. 

[00:09:18] Emma-Louise Parkes: A couple of things that come up there, the first being that we were connected for quite a while, before you pivoted, because I had been on your podcast, we connected on Instagram.

And one of the things that I always do with clients. Like, why me write out your list of like, why me? Why should anyone hire me? And when Kendall and I started working together, she just casually let slip on a call that she had a master’s in PR. And I was like, I know, how did I not know that? Like I missed.

For about six months at that point and yeah. You know, be on your podcast and we chatted and then obviously you become a client. And it’s like, if I don’t know this other people don’t know this, something that we do. I think so often, especially as women is leave behind the [00:10:00] experience that we’ve got somewhere else or think it’s not relevant.

Whereas other people are like, oh, whereas I’m like, yeah, of course, I’m going to hire you because now I know that you, now I know that you’ve got that qualification that makes it made a lot more sense to your whole Baxter. Made a lot more sense. The second thing I’d say is I know another mindset thing that came up for you with the pivot is I’m not going to earn as much money.

I’m a copywriter as I am as a coach, and then went on to earn me in our first quarter together and your first quarter in business and I’m in year three as a coach. So, um, I think we significantly dispelled that myth, but that was something that. I think a lot of creative, you don’t necessarily see how you’re going to be able to scale your business.

You feel like you might be limited. 

[00:10:48] Kendall Cherry: Yeah. I think for me, like something that rung really true in that time is. Even, even though it’s a different style of writer and it’s, you know, it’s, it’s not [00:11:00] the same there. I think for me is still, and just, I think about the imagery of writers growing up, like it’s always starving artist.

It’s, you’re eating ramen. It’s, you know, you’re struggling and you’re like dying for your art, but you never make money. And so I had a lot of that projected onto me. I think, honestly, even some of my favorite movies that are. Constantly rewatching. They’re all about writers and they’re not necessarily like the penniless writer, but there are these people that have this like huge internal struggle and like money is not necessarily abundant for them.

And it’s, it’s kind of, what’s been. You know, taught at for us even in like college, right? You choose a ma major, oh, you’re going to be in communications or a liberal arts major. Like, eh, you’re not going to make as much money as a business degree. Like that was a really big thing. Like I was in communications and journalism and I remember being like, oh, I’m not in marketing in the business school.

Uh, I’m not gonna make as much money. [00:12:00] Even I’d say even in my corporate career, that ended up not being true, but, um, just the way it’s projected onto us, especially like as a kid and growing up, like it, it was something I really took with me and then obviously smashed like the first, that first month out.

And then even like up until now and everything there, there’s been hard months. I mean growing a business, does I have to remind myself, like I’ve only been doing this for seven months technically. And so there’s going to be some up and down as I kind of learned, but, um, I’ll say like, definitely making more than I was as a coach, um, at the time, which feels really good.

[00:12:43] Emma-Louise Parkes: And so let’s rewind back to last kind of March, April time. So we began working together in may, which is a whole other story that I should probably check. Cause it was quite funny. Um, but until that point yet you, so you’ve been working as a business coach [00:13:00] and like you say, you’ve got one-on-one clients, you were feeling drained from it.

Like it wasn’t the right thing to do. Um, you’d left. Corporate job at this point. And then the sales won’t come in through. You didn’t feel good, like the whole thing. So you had, I’m going to say the very, um, the evidence like you weren’t making the sale. So you’ve got the evidence of like, I’m not bringing the money, you know, this isn’t working, but what was it like internally?

I know that you struggled with that. Like I’m not in alignment and this isn’t what I should be doing. Like how, how did you feel it? What was it that went on internally that made you finally go? No. 

[00:13:37] Kendall Cherry: Yeah. So I think like a few things had happened in November of 2020. I’d left my corporate job. I think I’d had my biggest month in sales.

To date in any business I’ve had. So I had like a really huge cash month. Like double what I even pull in right now. Like, it was just like a fluke, honestly, like looking back, I was like, how’d that happen? So I felt really [00:14:00] confident going into the new year. And then in January and February, I was working on launching a group program and it just like massively flopped, like I had had no leads, I’d done all this work on it.

And then it just. Didn’t go anywhere. And I was like, oh my God, I did all, of course, the annual planning spreadsheets with like, I’m going to sell this many spots of this and I’m going to make this much money for this. And I’d seen all the numbers. I felt really good about how that was going. And then the numbers didn’t happen.

And I was like, oh fuck. Like, what am I going to do? Like, I have very limited cash reserve at this point. Like what’s going to go on. So I kind of like. I kept trying to push, kept trying to do one-on-one coaching. But I was finding that I was, I had several clients. I was so drained even like working with them every week.

And it was a great experience, but I was so just tired that I wasn’t feeling aligned in talking about it to bring on more people. So it wasn’t necessarily that there was anything wrong with the [00:15:00] program. I just felt so drained. Like, Ugh, I just spent time in these calls and now I’ve got to. You know, do the, the dog, the, what is it?

The poet, the pony show, whatever they said, the dog and pony show. I think, I don’t know what it’s called, but basically I’m going to show up online and do all the things and talk about it. And that just felt so heavy and draining. And so then it was probably. April. And there were just like little things that had come up where I was like, oh, people, I think I had pivoted my coaching to be more about brand storytelling too.

I would kind of like lead or guide somebody through the beginning. A lot of the like strategy work for con. And I I’d had a few people interested, but it still wasn’t working. And then I remember there was one day in particular. I had a client who ended up actually hiring me to write her website once I switched to copywriting, which it’s very funny now, full circle, but I was sitting on a call with her and she.

I had been saying like, oh my [00:16:00] gosh, I don’t know how to talk about myself. And I remember sitting there and watching her, like tell me her story. And there’s just like this internal moment for me of like, I could listen and guide her, or I could just fucking write this and I could write this so fast. And I know exactly what it needs to say.

I know exactly what I would, how I would do it. And I just had this moment. I should just fucking ride it, but just, I think still being afraid of like, eh, I don’t know if that’s right. And then April turned around and I just thought, like I was at the time as well, living at my parents’ house and I just moved back to Austin and I wanted to get my own apartment and kind of like start my life.

And I remember thinking like this, this coaching is not what gets me there. It’s the writing, even if it’s temporary, like, I, I had had enough people recognize me for my writing online, which is still sometimes weird because we all write for our businesses, but for whatever reason, people were coming to me.

And I was just kinda like telling stories and like being like generally [00:17:00] funny and I don’t know self-deprecating and real and honest, and that’s what people would kind of come back to me for. So it was kind of that alchemy that led me to be like, okay, I’ve got to be brave. It’s not the coaching thing.

Like I’m going to give it one more. Kendall, cherry go. Like I was, I was going to, at the end of my rope, I was like, I don’t know if entrepreneurship is for me. So I said, I’m going to give it one more candle, cherry, like, we’re really going for it. We’re going to give it all we’ve got. And if this doesn’t work, like, you know, ma maybe I’ll explore getting another job or something, but like, I have to at least, you know, check the box, say I did.

And then we can move on if we need to move on or whatever, but, um, that’s kind of where I was at before the pivot. And then May 1st hits. I get, uh, a new client client inquiry, like within three days I signed my first client within seven days, have my biggest cash month, the first month out, like just weird, weird.

I ended up getting an apartment in that month and I like move out of my parents’ house two months later. [00:18:00] Like it’s a. I, I would say like alignment wise, in retrospect, like the way everything kind of fell into place. As soon as I was like this tiniest shift for me of how I was going to show up, like everything kind of started to fall into place.

[00:18:15] Emma-Louise Parkes: And it’s amazing how quickly things change because we were chatting on your call last week and you reminded me of where you went. Literally, it was bad. We started working together and you know, it’s so it’s so easy for me to forget because you know, it’s almost a year now and you know, I’m so used to you as you are now and your business as it is now.

And I remember you saying like, I, I was about to give up. Yeah. And I had mostly forgotten that. 

[00:18:43] Kendall Cherry: Yeah. Of, well, don’t don’t know this. I don’t think, I don’t think I ever truly told you where I was at before I joined. I was, I was in, so I was an Emmylou. Uh, mastermind in may her quiet power, power mastermind.

And I was, at this point, it was like, I have, like, [00:19:00] my credit cards are maxed. I have like three K coming in a month right now. Like it was like straight shoestring money coming through. And I, I was like, I have no idea how I’m going to pay for this. I think I even had to ask you like, Hey, I know this is a three month payment term.

Like, can I please. Do it over six months. I can’t, 

[00:19:22] Emma-Louise Parkes: because I knew you. I was like, yes, because I trust you. But yeah, I didn’t realize how bad quite how bad 

[00:19:28] Kendall Cherry: things were. No, it was really bad. And I remember thinking like, because, and I’d been burned by coaching in the past and I was like, I don’t know. I, I just, I feel like this is the right thing for me right now.

I’ll give it one more. Go. I’ll invest. Like, even if it’s just a small amount, like I have to trust myself, like something about this feels right. And was truly like, I think if I wouldn’t have signed up for mastermind, to be honest, like I probably would’ve quit in may. Like I would have been like, I’m going to go [00:20:00] babysit or something like I would have done who knows, but I was very, very close to the end.

And then again, like it’s funny, I had our first mastermind call. We did all the things I started learning about energetics, which I’m sure we’ll get into. And then things just like overnight, I booked like websites, like some of the more expensive things that, you know, you can, you can even have, like, I. Was kind of all, all of a sudden with my current, you know, audience, it wasn’t even like I was going out.

I was like launching to my current audience and it was people that had been kind of, I think watching me from afar and I mean little did I know, like recognizing me for my writing. So then as soon as they were like, oh, she can write for me, it just. Again, just took off. It was very in hindsight. It’s really cool.

But at the time it was really scary. It was not, it did not feel good in the moment. I will, I will not lie about that, but it’s pretty scary. Hey, it was a very 

[00:20:56] Emma-Louise Parkes: transitional period. 

[00:20:58] Kendall Cherry: It was a very challenging and [00:21:00] transitional period. 

[00:21:02] Emma-Louise Parkes: Okay. Like the mastermind was not a huge investment because it was the first time I’d run it.

So it was like, it wasn’t a huge investment, but. You need it to say like, ah, can we stretch the payment? But what I want people to know from that is that was last may. And we’re not recording this in January. You know, I think it’s really easy if people look and go like, oh, Kendall’s got like one-on-one VIP coach.

And then she pays for that and all that. But that CA that actually came round really quickly for making a smaller investment and able to grow the business to do that. Not everyone can just jump in with something like one-on-one straight away. 

[00:21:39] Kendall Cherry: No, I definitely, well, we, so we did the mastermind. I think I made my mastermind investment back within the.

First two weeks. It was just great. Of course, everybody wants return on their investment. So that felt good. Um, but yeah, I remember it was like near the end of mastermind and feeling like, okay, I, I know [00:22:00] myself well enough. Like, I feel pretty intuitive of like what needs to go on. I just need like a sounding board.

There’s somebody who’s going to kind of gut checked me with like, is that really what you want to do? And I need someone to just kind of like look over stuff when I create it. Cause you know, I do know a lot of things, but I need kind of like the second pair of eyes. And so, um, it was nearing the end of mastermind and I’d, I’d seen all this big success.

And so then I was like, okay, That works the first time, you know, why not? And I, and now I’m like ELP for life like Emma, Louise for life. I’m not going anywhere else. I don’t want to be coached by anybody else. Like, Emma’s just a really great for anybody listening. That’s interested. Like she is a very unique coach and she really takes into account.

You know, for me, if you’re into human design, like I’m a projector, so she’s not going to tell me to go do stuff like a generator is going to do. And I’m an introvert. So she’s not going to say. Go on clubhouse and all that shit. Like she’s gonna be, she’s very aware of like what feels good for me [00:23:00] and also calls me on my bullshit if I need it, which is greatly appreciated.

Cause I am sometimes a little rebellious and everything. So it’s, it’s a really great working relationship and it doesn’t, I’ve had coaching dynamics where I feel like the coaches, like I am the all powerful and all knowing and like you are. You know, I don’t know, like my student or whatever, like they’re there, it’s a very different dynamic.

Like the power changes. Very interesting. And with you, it doesn’t feel like that, like, it feels very like middle. Um, like we meet in the middle, like you have your things that are like huge strings. I have mine and it’s sometimes I remember my, one of my favorite calls is like right before the break and we’re like, oh, All of a sudden we’re like, okay, well we just like figured out my messaging for the whole year, like blah, blah, blah.

And it was, and it was so natural and it was just like having a conversation. I didn’t feel like I needed to take a lot of notes or anything. And I think for me, that’s kind of why I’m like, again, ELP for life. [00:24:00] Like I, I just, I’ve interacted with a lot of different coaches and your style meshes really well with me.

And I, I, I think if I had to describe it, it’s just very like, come as you are, which is like a huge value of mine, but it’s very like, I’m not going to make you be somebody you’re not, I’m not going to try and tell you to do things that feel gross or feel unaligned. There are certain things like Kindle.

You have to actually write your content in advance. 

[00:24:25] Emma-Louise Parkes: You do have that in some form of 

[00:24:27] Kendall Cherry: you do have to do some work, but. Um, it’s not stuff that feels like I’m getting the exact same playbook as everybody else. And you just kind of like, you know, repurpose it among different people. Or you could like switch me out for other people.

It’s, it’s very customized. And, um, which I just, I had never worked with somebody like that before in a coaching capacity. I’d. You know, invested definitely in coaching before, but, um, it didn’t feel quite like that. So that’s why I’m, I’m pretty like pretty picky in this department, as far as like, [00:25:00] who all let coach me, 

[00:25:02] Emma-Louise Parkes: you’ve got really great vision for your business though.

You know, you are not just running it day to day, like, you know, where you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years. So that’s really helpful because you’ve got that very strong fish and a lot of people don’t have that. And because you are self projected projector, crazily to self projected projector plans out of 10 plants to 10 one-on-one clients have two self-protective projectors, which I think you’re like 1% or 2%.

It’s super rare. It’s really, really rare. But, um, most of our calls consist of. Kendall talking out her thoughts because she self projected. So she has to hear it and meet listening to her. And then she says something that’s not conducive to the success of her business. I pull a face, which she calls my Enneagram eight face, and then 


[00:25:54] Kendall Cherry: goes real.

[00:25:55] Emma-Louise Parkes: Yeah. Okay. That’s a fair point. And then you’ve kind of just approached yourself [00:26:00] 

[00:26:02] Kendall Cherry: with another type. Yeah. My favorite is when I send you 10 voice memos and I’m like, am I don’t know what to do. And then I, by the time I’m sh I don’t even know if you’ve listened to them. You probably listened to the first one in the last, and you’re like, Ashley got it.

Because I ended up sending like 10 voice memos and then. By the time we get to the end, I’m like, okay, got it. Thanks for listening. 

[00:26:23] Emma-Louise Parkes: I do, but it makes me laugh, but that’s, that’s the whole point, right? Is it’s something, I think a lot of people feel like in a coaching call or coaching relationship, it’s like give as much information as you can and do this.

And sometimes it’s actually just like hold space for that person. 

[00:26:38] Kendall Cherry: Yeah, totally agree. Yeah. And I, I also value like a lot of. There’s some, some things I tend to have again, vision is kind of my thing. Like I, there’s no shortage of that, but a lot of times it’s making sure, like, what is in my brain comes across and I am a writer.

Like that’s kind of what I do, but for me it feels so big and I can see it [00:27:00] also clearly that I have to make sure it comes across in what I’m doing. So you have a really great gut read on things. Like we came up with. Again, as being a self projector projector, I was like, ah, I really miss podcasting, but I hate the.

Production and like all the shit that goes with it. And I mean, you were like, what if you just did a private podcast? And that has been the most fun for me right now. And this year of just being able to like, get on a, my talk about whatever I want to talk about and people like it, and it’s not this I’ve got to create the content and the show notes and the editing and the yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah. It’s, it’s very like aligned for me. It feels really good. And. For me, it connects with people that are my ideal client as well. So it’s not this like, you know, doing something for the sake of visibility or whatever. It’s just like, Nope, I’m doing this thing. You can listen if you want. And, um, it’s been really fun in the process, but it’s stuff like that.

That feels very like, um, [00:28:00] I don’t know how many other clients are suggesting private podcast too. I’m going to argue. It’s probably zero to one. Maybe the self projected projector, maybe. Otherwise, it’s like very, very customized. 

[00:28:14] Emma-Louise Parkes: And there’s no one size fits all. This is what I always say. You know, you’ve got to skip the formulas and everyone’s business is different and this works really well for you with where you’re at right now, maybe in six months time, you might be like, oh, actually I do want to put public podcast out.

I’m ready to outsource and invest in someone to do the editing or create the graphics or whatever the thing is. But you know, that wasn’t where you’re at right now. But you were like, I want to create something. I want to communicate in a different way. So, you know, that is perfect. And then. Reassessing. So something I would love to talk about.

I’m going to give you the quote, actually that you said, because this, this will stick with me forever. Um, so in that first week of the mastermind just decided to per any, I’ve just changed everything on socials. Um, you had an audience, not a huge audience, but you you’d [00:29:00] got an audience. You’re like, okay, I’m going all in.

Like, I’m a copywriter, this is what I’m doing. Blah, blah, blah. And I just remember you messaged me on slack and you were like, like, I need to hold this trust that this is going to work. You know, obviously it’s, it’s really shaky. Like what can, what can I do because I need to be able to stay in this. And I sent you a meditation track and an EFT.

Tap into 

[00:29:31] Kendall Cherry: what 

[00:29:32] Emma-Louise Parkes: the fuck. Yeah, literally. And I was like, just do it. It was fine. Just, just go and do this because really that was the missing piece. Like you did your strategy. You didn’t need to audience builds your messaging was good. You knew what you wanted to do. You created your offers in minutes. Like all of that stuff was good.

The mindset. Yes. You know, you you’ve done a lot of work on that as you were transitioning out. So it was the energetics. That was the missing piece. But when [00:30:00] everything started to happen, like about two days later, I just remember he left me a voice note and you were like, I would never have signed up to work with you.

If I knew that you’re going to make me do all this whoosh. 

[00:30:11] Kendall Cherry: It’s true. It’s totally true. Well, cause I, I had never even heard of it. EFT tapping. I had done meditation before, um, but not like listening to frequency as well in working and that whole thing, like, I, I really hadn’t done any of that stuff. Like affirmations were still new to me.

Like I just hadn’t really done a lot of that work. Um, but. I found something like I struggle with anxiety sometimes or deal with live with anxiety. Um, and I’d never found anything that could actually like when you have the thoughts, like something truly when they happen, are you like, you feel scared or nervous or whatever, like there’s no way to really like, deal with the thoughts other than like maybe you exercise, but they still circle [00:31:00] around.

And there was, I’d never found something that felt so. Actionable that also doesn’t take that long, like a five minute video, but for me felt really, um, just, I don’t know, again, maybe it was, it could have been a fluke who knows, but it was like I was doing it. And then I was seeing a result, like within the same day or like the day after.

And the same is true. Like even today, like when I do EFT or if I take time to meditate, Or whatnot and really work on like energetics and like more my mindset work and that kind of thing that even who knows if it’s like actually doing something, like, I think I’m still a healthy skeptic sometimes, but I mean, I’m seeing the results when it happens, whether that’s.

You know, something’s actually changing or I’m changing the way I’m showing up is changing. Um, it, it makes me feel better and I like the way I show up and it feels more aligned to me. So, um, it makes me, [00:32:00] I’m very grateful to have that kind of in my toolkit because it’s the first, again, truly like actionable, easy thing I found.

Read a book or go exercise or whatever, but this actually, like, I’ll say like, if you struggle with self-talk, that has been the biggest change for me that I’ve noticed so far. 

[00:32:22] Emma-Louise Parkes: I should probably do an episode about EFT. Cause I am in the Ft practitioner about it, not much outside of my clients, but it’s, it’s one of the most powerful things.

I, I took the course because I just thought well, because I like to learn and I thought it would be interesting, but then as soon as I started an action in it with plants, they were like, oh, I’m having all these amazing results like this. I had a really big shift. I was like, oh, Something great in this. And I think where it works really well for us, introverts HSPs and paths is that it gets into the nervous system.

And like you say, it doesn’t matter how many, you know, you can have all the negative self-talk and you can try and like go for a run or watch [00:33:00] something to distract yourself. But ultimately it’s, it’s getting your adrenaline going and it’s affecting your nervous system. And there was just something about EFT that enables you to work through it on a rational level, because you you’re talking it out, but.

At that nervous system kind of cellular level. So anyone less than that has never tried it. Um, well, let, let’s ask you if you’ve never tried it. Why would you recommend going for EFT? Whose videos do you love? 

[00:33:29] Kendall Cherry: You’re planning this question. Okay. So my favorite EFT person is his name was Brad gates on YouTube.

And he used like, Honestly, he reminds me of like, if you had a high school geography teacher, who’s like so nerdy and he’s got like a pocket protector and he’s got glasses and he’s like his graphics on his screen. Like some of the videos that he has on YouTube. 10 years old, the graphics looks like they pop out of the eighties.

Like he [00:34:00] made it on kid picks or something like it’s so bad, it’s so bad. And it’s like a jumping dragon with like sparkles coming. It’s so bad, but his are, I think very. There’s, I don’t know how to describe it other than like, he has this energy that comes across. It’s like, just truly kind. Like, I feel like if I met Brett, Brad in real life, you’d be like, oh, he’s just like a nice person, which I, I tend to gravitate towards people like that or attract them to me.

That’s just kind of like what happens. And the, one of my favorite things that he does is he’ll usually like he has the best like intros and outros and best in the sense of they’re. So like, Just endearingly quirky and nerdy and goofy. And so he’ll say like, you know, I know you’ve been feeling anxious, we’ll stop doing that.

And you’re like, God, it’s as simple for you. Like how, how can you say that? Or there was one, I, I really love [00:35:00] that’s about. It’s like fear of success, but the fear of success is rooted in like, stop stopping yourself. Like you’re forcing yourself to like, you’re, you’re kind of like self sabotaging kind of thing.

So he has one about like, it’s, I think it’s called stop stopping yourself. And at the very end of it, I remember the first time I did it. I like bawled my eyes out because you know, the video in itself, like some of the stuff that he was saying, like was really resonating with me. And I was like having like really vivid imagery coming up for me.

Then at the end, he’s like, okay, now stop stopping yourself. Because you know, we need you to be at your best because like, we can all benefit from that when you help us. And I was like, oh my God, I’ve never thought of it. Like that way. Like when I’m, when I’m good. And like, I bring good things into the world or like, I think sometimes even like, money-wise for me, like, I’ll be like, oh my God, am I greedy?

Am I like, you know, shitty because I want a lot of money. And I’m like, no, I want a lot of money in my business. One to take care of myself too, to take care of my family, three, to take care of the people that work for me, [00:36:00] their families like, and other people that benefit from what we do. Um, I eventually want to have.

Like a scholarship program and an apprenticeship program for people that work with us, for me to be able to like help them. It requires resources. Like my, my ideas are not just like, oh, it’s cool. And it’s just for me to like, make a living like, no, my, my vision is very, very big and my. My dreams require resources.

They require time and money and energy. They’re not like free things. I’m not here trying to just like barely make enough to live. Like I’m here to provide, make the world a better place, you know, whatever it sounds so cheesy, but, um, that’s like really what I’m here to do. So I remember watching that video and be like, Ugh, like anytime I feel shitty, I’m just going to put that one on and like Brad gates for life.

Like he, he is. Again, you’re, you’re going to watch this video and be like, wow, what a dork? Like he, uh, he is, uh, a [00:37:00] character, but it’s just, there’s something I think also so lovable about him that. I mean, he’s, again, something’s videos have been there for 10 years, like before YouTube and, and you’re watching some of the ones that come out like a few months ago and you’re like, you’re still doing the same formula, like the same Disney world, Mickey mouse hat is in the background that it was 10 years ago.

It’s like, it’s just so him. It’s like his pure self is in the video, but I think it’s also a great lesson of like that. That’s how it can be for you and your business too, or whatever. Like you can be. Brad gates sitting in front of the same webcam and doing the same videos and saying inspiring things and making lots of money and having lots of people that want to work with you just by being truly yourself.

Like, I think it’s a great lesson. I love Brad. So I 

[00:37:50] Emma-Louise Parkes: have another client who I recommended the Ft to, and she resisted it for a long time. A long time. She knows who she is, probably about [00:38:00] seven months. She kept resistant. And I was like, if you resist in it, this strongly, you really need it. And then eventually she thought, she’d give it a try.

She did a brat video. She sobbed the whole way through an age that like, it was a huge release. And now she, she loves it. She seems like she’s like, Or first name, but I think he said something else that at the end, it might have been the same video, but she said, yeah, I just felt like he was really rooting for me.

It’s just really wants me to succeed. 

[00:38:31] Kendall Cherry: Yeah. It’s something about that too. I think like just having somebody. I think about it. It’s just some guy like sitting in his office, turning on a webcam and like, whatever, if the people show up, they show up. But like someone, I think it’s, it’s a really endearing quality to like create a video out of a space of like, I’m, I’m just doing this to like help you.

Like maybe I make some sales from it or, you know, maybe people are attracted to me and want to work with me eventually. But like at the end of the day, [00:39:00] I think being kind of unattached to the outcome of it and, and having, I mean, a full resource I’ve, I’ve done Brad gates, like for breakups, I’ve done it for business growth, new leads, fear of success, you know, anxiety, whatever.

Like there’s kind of something for anything that you’d be going through. And they’re usually like, One or two sentences in each video that come up, we’re like, whoa, that was like oddly specific for me. Or like the way your body’s responding. It feels very, very specific. Um, that tends to help you, uh, I think get, get released or feel.

Uh, a little bit more positive. Um, not, not feel so weighed down and introduce a, some levity into the day or the struggle, even if it’s like, oh my God, how am I going to make money or whatever? Like, there’s, there is some levity to, to what the outcome is after. 

[00:39:58] Emma-Louise Parkes: I think when you. [00:40:00] Like when I’d done tap in with clients and sessions as well, there’ll be a phrase like you say, or a word that they choke a little bit over or the body tenses up.

And, you know, I can see that as a, as a coach, like, okay, that’s what we need to do to work around. But like you say, even if you’re not working with a coach and you know, we’re going to find Brad on YouTube and watch some free resources, you will notice yourself, especially as an intuitive introvert, which most of you listening are.

Since the, a little bit of resistance or the discomfort or the bit that kind of hit you in the gut. And you’re like, that’s probably the thing I need to like journal around and the thing that I need to do a bit of work on, um, Yeah, totally. So energetics were missing piece. We love energetics. I would say you’ve been, you’ve been pretty good at keeping it up.

There’ve been times that you’ve dipped out of it, you know, personal stuff, illness, whatever, but you definitely notice a difference as soon as you pick it back up. 

[00:40:58] Kendall Cherry: Yeah. Like, I mean, [00:41:00] I’ll say even like I did a few weeks off from EFT and then I did it, you know, in December I had this like stretch of time after Christmas going into new years, I was like, okay, this is what I’m going to do.

Write my two sales pages and rewrite my website and do all these things. And I was tapping during that for new leads. Um, and I kind of started off the year by tapping from a different girl from Melanie Moore. She has one that’s for new business leads and I’m also a specific manifestor. So, um, in that video I say like, oh, I want X number of clients.

I want to make, you know, have this number of email subscribers. And I get really specific, but like with it, Honestly, within like 48 hours, I had like 50% of my goal for the month, like in client signed contracted cash in my hand. Like, so, so there there’s something to be said. It could be, who knows, but for me, it, it makes me feel like if I, if I feel [00:42:00] anxious and I’m not sure, like, what I can do, EFT is something that feels practical.

Like, okay, well, you know, I can, I can do my, my daily kind of rituals and things that help me feel a little bit more centered. And EMT is one of those. And I, I definitely start to see. Movement or progress when those things are kind of included in the daily rituals that I have. 

[00:42:24] Emma-Louise Parkes: So if your coach tells you to do the woo shit, anyone listening and just do it, just do it, embrace it, give it, give it a go.

Even if there’s risk or you think this is not what I signed up for. And so before we wrap up, we were just discussing before we hit record that last year you were. You could be a bit, a bit day to day, week to week on your content creation. And then when stuff happened outside of your business, you notice that that.

Like, ah, I haven’t created anything. Like I’ve kind of got nothing to post. [00:43:00] Um, which first off I’m going to say think is true for a lot of creatives. It’s like, I’m so busy writing for the people that I haven’t written for myself. Um, but I know that that for you, in terms of, you know, growing a sustainable profitable business, that was a.

Something that kind of shipped you. So how has that changed? How you feel about your own content creation now and what have you changed going forwards and to the sheer? 

[00:43:25] Kendall Cherry: Yeah, I think for me, the biggest thing in general that I struggle with is there is some part of me. And maybe it’s like the empathic part of me inter pardon me, projector, who knows.

There’s just some part of me that feels very, or it could just even be the fact that I’m a creator. There’s some part that feels very connected to the collective. So like, I can pick up on energy and like what needs to be said in time. And so for the longest time, I’ve struggled with creating content and advance because it feels [00:44:00] out of.

It’s not necessarily alignment. It just feels like out of time it feels like out of place, because I don’t know necessarily that like this post would feel good on that day, in that moment. So I really struggled with like, even just planning content in advance because. It would feel sometimes, like I felt kind of out of touch with my audience or I felt, um, dis disconnected creatively from what I was creating.

Um, so what I found for me that works really well is finding some kind of happy balance because one thing that happened that I was not expecting this year, um, in November, I had. Like very devastating breakup. And then the subsequent depression that kind of came with that. And I had never really had an episode like that, that lasted that long.

Whereas like, I can’t get out of bed today or I am like struggling to move and write anywhere other [00:45:00] than on the couch. Like I, I had never really had, I’d had moments like that in my business. I had never had one. This long was like, oh fuck. Like, I can’t just like, you know, work a few extra hours this week or, you know, pull it together, you know, kind of come in at the last minute.

Like I didn’t have any extra space. Self to be able to do that. I couldn’t catch back up. It was like several weeks of, um, like feeling really bad. So that was kind of a big wake up call of being like, okay. I can’t be that in the moment in my business, like week over week writing the posts a week in advance.

And everything, like, I just can’t do that just in case and it’s, and it’s great security for your business too. Like for me, it was a breakup in depression for you. It could be like, you get injured. I have this, like, maybe it’s a rational, I don’t know. I have this fear that I like break an arm and then I’m out of the business for maybe that’s like a Kendall thing or a copywriter thing, but I have this like huge fear that like I break an arm [00:46:00] and then what, um, so for me it kind of took me in.

Uh, moment to like step back and say, you know, oh, what would it look like? And what would a healthy balance look like? I don’t think it has to be, you know, a whole quarter written in advance. Like there are some really smart strategies that I went into January. Kind of, um, feeling out that would feel good for me.

So something that feels really good in the moment is, um, I do write, I send out two emails a week and the first email is usually something that’s been repurposed from Instagram. So that’s, that can be written in advance. But then on my email list, for example, I do an email called wallflower Fridays. I write it on Fridays and it’s usually just some like brain download of.

What happened that week and kind of wrapping up like, oh, I had a podcast here. This course is for sale. We’ve got this many copywriting spots. It’s kind of like a big summary of like my week and then like things I [00:47:00] thought about, but that feels very in the moment. So I’m still doing some content, that’s an advance and done.

And then, um, you know, I do. The wallflower Friday email. Um, even for Instagram, I have, which this is crazy. I’ve never, I never been this far in advanced in my business before, but I’m about a quarter ahead. Content-wise for Instagram. But, uh, one thing that I did, and again, being a self projected projector, I kind of took that into account.

I’m doing two posts a week that are written in advance, and then I’ll do an Instagram live every week and that’s super off the cuff and will inspire other content ideas for me. It felt really aligned and it still, I kind of get the best of both worlds where if for some reason, like, again, I don’t know, I break my arm or I’m like, I’m tired.

I’m not okay. I’m not gonna break my arm. I used to ride. Like mountain biking. And that was like my huge fear, but for whatever reason, like get, stop 

[00:47:58] Emma-Louise Parkes: calling it out, still [00:48:00] manifest in a broken 

[00:48:02] Kendall Cherry: I’m a specific manifestor I’m gonna never break my arm. Um, but I don’t know if I get sick or if I just want to like take a week off or go slower, like not feeling this constant pressure of, um, You know, feeling like I have to be on I, and there are some point points and things in my business.

I enjoy being on four, but. It doesn’t have to always be like that. And I think giving myself things that feel in the moment that I can kind of pick up and I can, I can choose to do a really quick wallflower Friday email if I want to, or, um, you know, maybe God forbid I skip one. Oh, nobody’s gonna like freak out.

If you skip an email, sorry. Y’all like the world does go on. But, um, you know, allowing myself to have a little bit more space, there has actually been. Better for me creatively, even though I’ve had to do work in advance, which previously didn’t necessarily feel good. Um, [00:49:00] having that freedom, I think, as a rebellious kind of creator, um, that has actually made me feel more at ease and more free, even though I had to do, you know, writing the content in advance and all those things, like I feel a little bit more savvy as like, You know, if, if I’m going to write content in advance, these are good things to be done in advance versus like, what would feel better in the moment?

Stories tend to feel better in the moment, like writing about testimonials. Those are kind of evergreen. You can write those, you know, at any time. So that’s kind of what I. When I in December was kind of thinking about, okay, how do I want this this year to go? Um, that was a really big part of just like, I think just the slightest tweak for me.

And that has felt really good going into this week and this year. 

[00:49:56] Emma-Louise Parkes: And I think that balance is important. [00:50:00] We’ve all got life outside business. So maybe it’s a breakup, maybe it’s limbs being broken, which let’s not, let’s 

[00:50:08] Kendall Cherry: never say it again. 

[00:50:10] Emma-Louise Parkes: Say that again. Limbs will 

[00:50:11] Kendall Cherry: stay in times, like you’re done Enneagram eight, looks like this is Emma at Enneagram eight level 

[00:50:20] Emma-Louise Parkes: had my hand over my eyes.

She was saying that like, no, don’t do this. I’m sorry. I’m 

[00:50:23] Kendall Cherry: sorry. 

[00:50:25] Emma-Louise Parkes: But you know, maybe it’s, uh, like I had really bad. Last year in October, like I was knocked out for two and a half weeks and I’m one of my friends is like, if you hadn’t told me, like on WhatsApp, I wouldn’t have known because your contents that went out, like I wouldn’t have known you.

And it’s like, yeah. And it’s that balancing? You know, the 16 of COVID here. Um, you know, it’s luckily all the. Uh, content is done and advance, you know, I’m two to three weeks in advance with the podcast, um, or the stuff yet. Maybe I don’t put out as much if I’m not well, but it’s finding that balance. Cause there’s always going [00:51:00] to be, you know, illness or holiday or someone’s child’s, you know, school, holidays, or.

One of the things also, I love where you 

[00:51:08] Kendall Cherry: just feel tired. You can just be tired. You 

[00:51:12] Emma-Louise Parkes: can be, especially as an empathic, highly sensitive intro, or it can be a full moon 

[00:51:18] Kendall Cherry: or, you know, your period, God forbid like, who knows, like give yourself some space to breathe is like my, my favorite thing, good things grow when they have room to breathe.

That’s my like, big. Big thing is like, if you can infuse more of that into your week and into your day, like good things happen when we’re not just like constantly crying out for 12 hours, like I promise your ideas will be better if you give yourself some time off because you won’t have to have as many cycles.

Trust me, this is how I live my life and it’s served me well so far. 

[00:51:54] Emma-Louise Parkes: I think that’s the perfect note to end on. So thank you so much for [00:52:00] sharing behind your business and that you have learnt. I get a pop all of your links in the show notes so everyone can connect with you. But of course, before I let you go, I’ve got to ask you all of your book recommendation for any ambitious introverts who listening crap, crap.

[00:52:17] Kendall Cherry: Oh, I forgot you asked this question. Oh my gosh. A book for introverts. Can you, can we pause it? And then I’ll we’ll re-ask it. Can I look at my book list? 

[00:52:28] Emma-Louise Parkes: Yeah. Okay. Yeah, 

[00:52:31] Kendall Cherry: don’t worry. Okay. Shit. I forgot you asked this question. Dammit. 

[00:52:36] Emma-Louise Parkes: Hey Hayley. 

[00:52:39] Kendall Cherry: I know, I know. I didn’t feel, fuck. What book do I recommend? I want to give one.

That’s like, not as common. Okay. What did I read last year? Let me see. Let me see.[00:53:00] 

Um, LOL people pause. No, because they’re not me. I just want it to be a good answer because I always look at like what people have said too. So I want it to be a good one. Okay. Here we go. 20, 21. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see.

Okay. I have my answer. 

[00:53:32] Emma-Louise Parkes: Okay. I’ll go by and pick you up from what you’d finished. Your amazing. About it working for you and having good ideas. Okay. So I, then that is a perfect note to wrap up on. Thank you so much for coming in and sharing your behind the business with my listeners. I get to put all of your links and show notes, obviously, but for let you go, I’m going to ask you for your book recommendation.

My audience of ambitious introverts looking to [00:54:00] start, grow, or scale that online business. 

[00:54:02] Kendall Cherry: Okay. So my answer is gonna be, um, it’s called that will never work. And I can’t remember who the offer author is right now. Um, but it’s basically, it’s, it’s a little bit different than your typical like business.

Actionable let’s read and like get some strategies. It’s a really interesting, um, memoir of actually it’s about Netflix and how they started. Um, but I find this story so fascinating because it kind of shows you behind the scenes. Like at very highly iterative business, um, which I really loved. And then of course, if you grew up with Netflix, I think we all know it so well right now it’s like, it’s a streaming, like behemoth and empire and it’s a production studio and it’s all these things.

We forget that like when Netflix first started, it was literally, you got a disc in the mail and you had to mail it back in. And it’s really interesting. They kind of show you and talk to you [00:55:00] about, uh, What the process looked like and like what, how they actually shipped everything out. And it was like, they truly would have like a very small library and their little desk, and then, you know, they would ship it out and they would know exactly what time, the different post offices and the small California city they’re in.

Like, they knew exactly what time the people picked it up. And it’s really fascinating. Um, It’s so interesting to look at it from the perspective of like, Netflix is what it is now, which is a production house and all these things, but it started like very, very small, very, very humble beginning. So I loved that book just for like a good reminder of like, even if you feel right now, like what you’re doing is really small or it’s not for me.

Right. I have a huge vision of what I want to do, and I’m not quite there yet. I found this book, Barry. Inspiring and a great way to remember like all good things start somewhere and they all start probably much [00:56:00] smaller or very differently than we originally envisioned them. So that’s, that would be one.

I would recommend that as probably not been recommended 

[00:56:08] Emma-Louise Parkes: before it has notes and I haven’t read it either, so I’m going to be it’s good. It’s 

[00:56:14] Kendall Cherry: good. It’s good. It’s I think it’s, if I remember it’s written by one of the founders, I think, I can’t remember, but it’s it’s. It was very entertaining. I liked that one.

[00:56:24] Emma-Louise Parkes: I think there’s a lot to be learned from offline. I guess you could argue Netflix. Isn’t an online business. Um, but there’s a lot to be learned from other types of business. I read quite widely about various businesses, because I think we can get into a little bit of a bubble in the online business space, thinking that there’s any one way to do things.

Yeah. Doing the same thing. And by the same vein, um, I recommend little black stretchy pumps by chip Wilson, the founder of Lulu lemon. Yeah. But for the same reason, just because, you know, it goes back to his whole, it goes through his whole life story, but you know why he founded lemon. Laminin [00:57:00] how, and you know, all of this stuff around it and challenges that you had and how he was doing things so differently.

Um, but it just, I think it helps when you can see someone else’s mindset. Yeah. Thinking in a very different way. So I’m gonna put both of those in show notes. That’s a good one. And thank you. 

[00:57:17] Kendall Cherry: Thank you. All right, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.