How I Think About….Investing

January 16, 2023

Welcome to the third episode in the How I Think About….. Series. This week I’m sharing my thoughts on investing, specifically related to investments in our businesses.

There’s a LOT of educational content online showing us how to do XYZ, but we don’t often see the thought process behind the actions online business owners take. But it’s actually the thought process that gives us the changes and breakthroughs we need, because it’s a reflection of our mindset (and we know how important that is).

My hope in the ‘How I Think About…..’ series of episodes is that you can decide how YOU think and feel about a certain topic, whether you resonate with something I’ve said or firmly disagree!

In this week’s episode I’ll be sharing:

  • How I approached investing in myself and my business when I first started (and how I’d feel if an investment didn’t work out the way I thought it would)
  • When my view of investing began to change and the impact that had on the next business investment I made
  • How I think about investing in my business now, and how I categorise each type of investment
  • Why a ROI isn’t always immediate but doesn’t necessarily mean it is less valuable (and in fact may be even more so)
  • The energetics behind investing and why they matter so much





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