How I Think About….Social Media

January 23, 2023

Welcome to the fourth instalment in the ‘How I Think About…..’ series on The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast. In this mini series I’m sharing my thoughts in an organic, stream-of-consciousness way, which I hope will help you see that there’s no one right way of doing things! In fact my thoughts on all the topics so far have hugely changed since I first started in business, and it’s these thought processes that I’ve found to be the most helpful in supporting my clients to work out how they want to think about things too.

So far I’ve shared my thoughts on mindset, marketing and investing, and this week I’m moving on to social media for business. As an introverted online business owner who helps other introverts in business, social media isn’t my favourite marketing medium – and it’s completely okay if it’s not yours either!

In this week’s episode I’ll be sharing:

  • What I think about social media from a personal perspective
  • What I thought about showing my face on social media when I first started my business (and how that changed)
  • Why I now think social media is a gift (and how I changed my mindset around that)
  • Why social media is only a small part of my marketing strategy (and why trends have zero impact on my content marketing plan)
  • Why I don’t make interaction on my posts mean anything about me or my content (and why understanding your audience is key)




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