Neuroplasticity, Habit Change and Saying ‘No’ to People Pleasing with Dr Clare Emma Wild

March 18, 2024

Habits are the foundation of success – unless the ones that are deeply ingrained are actually exhausting you. People pleasing became such an automatic response for this week’s podcast guest, Dr Clare Emma Wild, that it became hard for her brain to even recognize she was doing it!

Clare is ​​an academically certified and internationally accredited coach who’s passionate about helping Quiet Leaders to overcome imposter syndrome and people-pleasing. She also happens to be a long term client of mine, so in this episode she’s not only sharing her expertise, but also her own growth journey of becoming a coach and growing her business as an Ambitious Introvert.

We chat about:

  • Clare’s first experience with The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast, and what it’s like to 180º from being a listener to a guest
  • Her decades-long experience with people pleasing, which led to multiple burnouts, but ultimately set her on the path to what she’s doing today
  • Why so many sensitive, empathic leaders try to avoid negative emotions, and how Clare’s somatic method of coaching supports clients in ‘feeling’ them instead
  • Why habit change required repetition, and Clare’s own experience of this in her own development journey
  • Why the ‘no is a complete sentence’ advice may do some people pleasers more harm than good
  • Clare’s incredibly simple tip for Owning her Energy (and it came from me!)




Free Resource: How to Say No Confidently (even when it feels scary)





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