Solitude for Success – Rediscovering Your Strengths with Melissa Unsell-Smith 

March 11, 2024

How often do you TRULY take time alone? While the idea is blissful to most of us introverts it can also be tough to turn inwards and be honest about what you want from life – as today’s podcast guest Melissa Unsell-Smith discovered.

Melissa is a serial entrepreneur, 2 x tech founder and most recently the brain behind Catalytic Icon, a community that helps women create ‘authentic connections and dreamy lifestyles’. It was one of Melissa’s ‘solitude retreats’ that enabled her to reconnect with her lifelong strengths and create the community. Tune in to hear more about that, and also:

  • How a part time student job led Melissa to a life of entrepreneurship
  • Why an experience with burnout in 2018 changed everything for her
  • The importance of time alone, and protecting our energy so we can do our best work
  • Why morning routines down have to be a chore (and how to make them spacious and luxurious instead)
  • Why rarity is a good thing, and how to use it to your advantage when it comes to your personality type






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