The Energetics of Branding and Design with Haylee LaRose

July 4, 2022

Today on The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast we’re talking about all things design, aesthetic and HSP! My guest Haylee LaRose is an introvert, empath and highly sensitive brand and website designer, as well as reiki master.

We’re discussing this from both perspectives: as an introvert/empath looking for people or brands to  invest in, and as a business owner who is looking to express themselves more authentically through their own branding.

Haylee shares why both energy and strategy are important to effectively connect with others and see results. Many of her clients are introverts and empaths who are particularly sensitive and attuned to other people’s energies.

We also get insight into how Haylee as an introvert (and enneagram 9) helps coaches, creatives and healers achieve clarity in their web design. Plus a bit about cats and my ‘Bake Off’ oven! Tune in for the full story…

We’re covering…

  • Self-regulation of the nervous system and working with your energy (and why they’re both vital to HSPs)
  • Reading the energy of a client and bringing it into their brand and design
  • Stepping away from the echo chamber of Social Media to create original & authentic brands
  • Connecting the dots between the client’s vision and the physical manifestation of the design
  • Why your brand is so much more than your website and colour palette
  • How asking those around you ‘how you make them feel’ can help with your design


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