Using PR to Start Up or Scale Up as an Introvert with Lisa Simone Richards

July 11, 2022

PR is a topic that’s long overdue for an episode on The Ambitious Introvert®. It’s such a powerful tool to boost our credibility, reach ideal clients or just optimise your brand!

The stunning Lisa Simone Richards, expert in all things PR, is sharing how it can help introverts get noticed in ways that they maybe haven’t considered. We discuss her Perfect Podcast Pitch, how to get earned media and leverage other people’s platforms, and highlight the difference between content and visibility.

Lisa has so much value to offer in just one episode, don’t miss out!

Topics discussed

  • Not being scared of PR as an introvert, and how to leverage other people’s platforms to get ourselves known
  • Samples of the Perfect Podcast Pitch (and why getting this part right is so important)
  • Changing the angle of your pitch from ‘I, Me or My’ to ‘your audience would love to learn about this topic and here’s what I can show them
  • The ABC of Visibility (and how to use it to help you land more features)
  • Developing a thicker skin to potential rejection by using a ‘game’ style mentality




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